Common Sense Sales: 3 Reasons Application Level Security is Important to Your Customers

Common Sense Sales: 3 Reasons Application Level Security is Important to Your Customers

Cyber security and data privacy are now absolutely essential facets of IT strategy that every company must address. As everything about business becomes increasingly application-based, so have the tactics to infiltrate these systems. Existing threats are always evolving and new threats are constantly emerging.

Last year saw a record number of data breaches, with 1,579 recorded incidents. Reporting over 55 percent of all breaches, it was again the business industry that was most targeted.

Application level security tips

Application level security is critical to safeguarding data. It is by far the best method you can employ, guaranteeing a higher level of protection for all your customers and ensuring your company’s reputation will not be tarnished by the blight of a data breach.

Here are just three of the many reasons why you should use application level security:

Shield from Third-Party Risks

Even companies that have the means to develop their own applications incorporate a great deal of source code from existing apps that they have purchased. Most people somewhat blindly trust applications from third-party sources like the AppStore or Google Play, believing that these applications are thoroughly vetted.

The unfortunate reality is that even apps from major providers have been known to be infected with malware. You can never fully know if any app is secure and application security can detect and protect against hidden threats.

With a runtime application self-protection feature (RASP), you can actually stop an attack in real time by analyzing data within software. RASP security controls at the application layer is far superior than archaic safeguards like firewalls, which require external network information. With RASP, self-protection capabilities are within the application’s runtime environment.

Constantly Adapting

Security at the application level, specifically through RASP, is one of the more self-sufficient security options you can implement. RASP is constantly analyzing applications and updates to detect new threats and vulnerabilities. As applications are updated to newer versions, RASP re-tunes security settings. It can also reduce the time it takes to apply and re-apply vendor-supplied patches to applications.


Secure Your Reputation

No company wants to join the list of recent victims to a cyberattack or data breach. Businesses face certain demise under the weight of lawsuits and a forever-tarnished reputation if they break their customers’ trust.

By utilizing every security measure at your disposal, you are not only preventing this dreaded nightmare, but you are also demonstrating your commitment to your customers. It is a proactive way to show customers that you are serious about protecting their information. The numerous benefits of using RASP send a clear message that you are on top of the latest in application security measures.

Nowadays, companies cannot afford to get careless about matters of cybersecurity. Your customers are depending on you to keep their sensitive information safe. Your company is depending on you to prevent any potentially fatal mistakes in data privacy that could sink its reputation permanently. Application level security is an essential element of your IT security strategy.

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