How to Increase Your Business Footprint with a Virtual Office in Hong Kong

How to Increase Your Business Footprint with a Virtual Office in Hong Kong

Virtual offices have now become one of the most popular methods of renting space for a company whose employer and employees work remotely. While operating your business through a virtual office means you have the ease of reducing your expenses monthly, mobility is one of the major advantages of working in this way. This mobility is the factor that can increase your business’ visibility in Hong Kong, as well.

The virtual office can aid you in your efforts to raise your business’s profile just by virtue of the tools available to entrepreneurs. In addition to the standard office amenities, the virtual office allows you to hold meetings, and more importantly, hold presentations that spotlight all the advantages of your company. Check out some of the more popular amenities this office style by checking out Servcorp’s Hong Kong site at

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can use the virtual office plan to raise your business’ profile.

Do Your Research

Before engaging the public, much of your research should be done to find your target market. With your team members, focus on the metrics of your population. In doing so, you might have to use a third party in using business analytics to determine who your product or service might attract.

Whether you are a graphic artist courting businesses or a programmer trying to sell your idea to a gaming company, the results of the information collected through SEO and other online metrics will help you determine who your demographic is, or more simply, who your clients are. Furthermore, the virtual office can aid you with this research because you have access to both world class internet capabilities to research on your own and video-conferencing, which will allow you to hold meetings in any location.

Meeting at a virtual office space in Hong Kong

Relate To The Public

The one great advantage of working in the virtual office setting is it puts the impetus on you to engage the public. One of the best ways to engage the public is to find ways to connect your product with a particular population. Simple ways to raise your business’s footprint is to hold events that spotlight your product or service. If this means holding free demonstrations of the product or inviting the public to an open house, use this as an opportunity to raise your business’s profile.

In addition to these efforts, collaborate with other businesses in the area to create events that attract the attention of the public. For example, if you are selling custom-designed jewellery and you want to raise your profile, piggyback your efforts with a local merchant who specialises in evening wear and wedding dresses. The two of you could hold private showings where your jewellery becomes a part of the showcased products.

The point of all of these activities is to get name recognition for your company. By connecting your products to others, your population becomes familiar not only with the products but more importantly the company name. In this way, you have established a relationship with a particular market and consumers that will last long after they have attended the event. More significantly, this is the path to establishing your brand. The virtual office works perfectly in getting you to engage with the public because your office is wherever you set up your next venue.

Establishing A Brand

Hong Kong’s economy is similar to many large cities that there is so much going on that it is almost a distraction to most consumers. For this reason, raising your profile when you are competing with many businesses for the same customers can be difficult. One of the tried and true ways of increasing your footprint is by establishing a relationship with the public you wish to court.


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