How to Launch a Successful Rideshare Fleet Promo

How to Launch a Successful Rideshare Fleet Promo

To be successful in any business, you need a comprehensive approach is derived from over a century of combined experience in both old-school advertising and modern digital marketing. To start a new, rideshare fleet business, you will need to combine these two schools of thought, bringing together an exceptional and powerful tool.

Once upon a time, we had to walk and talk, meet and discuss, develop, design, and promote through human interaction, hard work, and sweat. This was 20th Century advertising. As technologies developed, advertising evolved into digital marketing, and now most companies sit in an air-conditioned office and manage their campaigns from a remote-controlled dashboard.

You don’t do that. You combine the two worlds; You understand that real change only happens in the real world. The software can account for many virtual benefits, but unless the customer feels secure that they are receiving something tangible, you will not have persuaded them to buy from you.

A comprehensive marketing service needs a comprehensive solution. You need to create a world environment for your customers. A world that is all about you, about your product and why your customer cannot live without your brand in their lives. You do this by combining the real world with the digital one and merging the two so that they become indistinguishable, creating a perfect product experience for you and your customer.

Here is a list of services you will need to use:

Traditional Services

You must provide the following services that weave together, creating a holistic and desirable tapestry all about you. Provide physical marketing and advertising services that successfully combine with the digital world to bring you the best solution every time.

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Advertising: Provide a comprehensive campaign from creative to production for print, TV, radio, online and outdoor. Include media planning, procurement, talent HR, photography, and video.

Event Marketing: Follow and support your presence in trade shows and live events. Provide you with webcasts and virtual events, managing event promotion and coordination with exhibits and graphics.

Brand Identity: Develop a brand name and logo with complete graphic themes and identities.

Direct Mail: Design postcards and dimensional mailers that reach decision makers. Design and manage creative, lists, and mailing.

PR & Publicity: Influence high profile PR and media relations to build awareness, fast. Your portfolio should include news releases, press kits and events, interviews, article placement, and guest appearances.

Product Launch: Create a “WOW factor” product launch for marketing excellence. A good launch includes excellent branding with all aspects of digital. Sales and dealer communications.

Brochure Design: There is something magical in a shiny, glossy photo saturated brochure that packs an immediate punch of color and style to the eye.

Digital Services

Your success also derives from the control of technology. Do not rely on technology; rely on your expertise in controlling and manipulating technology to do what you want it to do.

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Website Design: Every company needs an online presence, without it you do not exist. This is a new reality. Without a corporate identity and site and an online shop, the probabilities that you will succeed are zero.

Social Media: True online marketing is all about delivering the message to your focused niche. However, branding is about making your logo and name synonymous with your product and making your product world known. Social media and viral marketing are the only way to make this happen.

SEO: The only way you can be found is through a search engine. SEO is all about putting your name first and getting that first-page glance active. Anything less than the first page and less than top five is a failure.

Content Marketing: Through managing content in blogs and articles will you create awareness and supplement your SEO strength. Content marketing is an important online presence that sells more than most clients realize. Through explanatory articles, and interactive blogs presenting real-life cases, photos and diagrams, potential customers feel it is safer to buy when a comprehensive approach with customer feedback is provided.

Paid Search: An essential tool in any successful campaign demands SEO, and Social Media paid for key-word and designated market campaigns

Analytics and Reporting: being successful is a measure that must be evaluated. Setting KPI’s and watching how your performance indicators move daily. Then taking this data and combining it with competitive data will provide you with important insights into how your campaign is performing and how you can improve it.

E-commerce: The only truly successful way to sell a product is to create an online shop. You combine this with selling via third-party shops such as Amazon, Ali-Baba and many other online clearinghouses that provide extra coverage of the global market.

Email Marketing: This option is used for subscriptions and information marketing and is used in a very careful and measured way. There is a fine line between acceptable marketing and Spamming. You must master the art of e-mail marketing to assure you never fall into a negative light.

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Any successful business is based on its ability to market itself properly, by reaching out to customers and drivers will you be able to build up a strong presence. This process will cost money and time, be prepared to spit blood for marketing. Naturally, you will need to back this up with good customer service. The bottom line is to start off with a very strong impression and then back it up with an even stronger service.

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