The Health Benefits of Going on Vacation for Busy Entrepreneurs

The Health Benefits of Going on Vacation for Busy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs – some of you might love going on vacation. Once or more a year, you might pack your bags, officially unplug, and get away from it all. You may know how to enjoy a vacation like few others.

On the other hand, you might be more like the rest of us… and you’re not very good at taking vacations. For you, there doesn’t seem to be much of a point. Even when you’re on vacation, you’re still doing a little work on the side.

But whether you love to get away or whether it’s not really your thing, you might be interested to know that vacations are good for you. Did you know that vacations can improve your sleep, your heart health, and they can reduce stress and make you more productive. Without further ado, here are the top four benefits to taking vacations.

Heart Health

Take a vacation, and your heart will thank you–and we don’t just mean your emotional heart, either. According to studies, there’s a correlation to regular vacations and a healthier heart.

One study, performed with men already at risk of heart disease, showed that those who didn’t go on vacation for five years in a row were 30% more likely to have a heart attack than those who took vacations. Even one vacation year made a difference. For women, the results were similar: women who vacationed once every six or fewer years were roughly eight times more likely to have heart-related issues. When it comes to taking care of your heart–take a break.


You might think you waste valuable work time by going on vacation. If so, think again. Taking a vacation can improve your productivity. A study by Ernst and Young found that employee performance improved eight percent for every ten hours of vacation taken.

If you want to come back to work refreshed and even more productive, learn to take time out. Sometimes productivity is less about hours worked, and more about efficiency.

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Less Stress

Stress is never good for your health. Many health issues, including heart health, poor sleep, headaches, and tight muscles are often caused by stress, so cutting back on stress can only be good for your health. It will come as no surprise that, for many people, work is their #1 source of stress. It will also come as no surprise that getting away from work (taking a vacation) helps reduce that stress and contribute to a healthier employee.

Sweeter Dreams

Vacations also help you get a better night’s rest. It’s hard to fade into relaxing sleep when your mind is buzzing with work stress. Instead of regularly dealing with the stress of work, learn to take breaks. Even one vacation a year can lower your stress levels, improving your quality of rest year-round.

Consider making vacations a more regular part of your life. The more stressful your job, the more you would benefit from a reliable getaway like a cabin or a timeshare. Check out a source such as Welk timeshare reviews or browse vacation properties available to rent or buy. Having a regular place to retreat to could mean all the difference in your work performance, quality of rest, and overall well-being.

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