How to Save Money on Your Business Travel Expenses

How to Save Money on Your Business Travel Expenses

If you regularly travel on business, you’ll know that your expenses can quickly rack up and leave you or your company with a hefty bill at the end of your trip. In this article we look at some of the simple ways in which you can save money on your travel expenses.

Save money on hotel costs

There are several ways in which your company might save money on hotel costs. Booking mid-priced rather than higher end rooms for your employees is a good idea, because many 3 star hotels now provide excellent business accommodation for a very reasonable price. Accommodation often includes everything your employee will need during their trip including free wi-fi, breakfast and meeting rooms. To ensure that you don’t incur unwelcome extra expenses however, you should make sure your employees are aware that the company will not cover mini bar or room service charges!

Don’t forget that it’s always worth trying to negotiate prices with hotels. Many hotels offer corporate discounts and if you mention whilst booking that you’re reserving a room for business travel, you may be offered a discount. If you’re not, simply mention that you are also considering a rival hotel nearby and ask them if they can give you a special deal. This can be enough to win a discount.

Save money on transport costs

Ensure that all travel arrangements are booked as far in advance as possible. The cost of hotels, trains, flights, and rental cars tends to increase the closer to the date of booking that you make the reservation, so plan well in advance and grab those cheaper early deals.

Business car rental

Rather than booking a business car from one of the rental giants, it’s well worth shopping around and choosing a smaller, local company as the deals on offer can be more flexible and competitive. Companies such as Mayday Vehicle Rentals allow you to open a flexible corporate account where they will deliver cars to you when you need them, saving your company the expense and hassle of maintaining, cleaning and refuelling its own vehicles and allowing your employees to travel in comfort at an affordable price.

If a group of your employees are travelling together, it can make financial sense to book a minibus or coach, which will usually prove cheaper than paying for individual rail fares. Choose a vehicle with wi-fi and they will be able to work and prepare for meetings whilst on the move.

Save money with technology

Advances in modern technology mean that high quality, reliable videoconferencing is now an affordable option for most businesses. Do your employees really need to make that road or air trip to visit a client or partner, or could the meeting be carried out via the web, saving large amounts of both money and time?

We hope you have a pleasant business trip!

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