A Chemical Solution for The Construction Industry

A Chemical Solution for The Construction Industry

The Canadian construction industry is currently going through some major changes with new workers being hired and more projects on the horizon. With a higher demand for construction, the industry needs to be prepared with the right resources to get the work done.

When it comes to chemical materials, businesses within the construction industry should turn to a chemical supplier to get ready for the hard work ahead.

Construction trends in Canada

The construction industry in Canada has been seeing some substantial growth in past year and this pattern is expected to continue in 2018.

Statistics have revealed that seven provinces have experienced rises in construction employment in 2017, particularly with the provinces of British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario. This rise in jobs within the Canadian construction industry looks like it will be continuing because of an increase of building approvals—this means that residential building trades will be busy in 2018.

The recent growth and future expansion of the construction industry means that chemical materials will be needed to complete upcoming plans and projects.

Worker working with chemical solution

Chemical suppliers’ role in Canadian construction scene

The most effective way that businesses within the construction industry can get the materials that they need is to turn to a special ingredient chemical supplier— this supplier should have years of experience serving the construction industry so that they can cater to their client’s specific needs. Businesses should turn to a leading supplier like CCC Chemicals for their materials—the company is one of the biggest independent distributors in the country of Canada and the continent of North America.

CCC Chemicals is currently prepared to provide chemical solutions for multiple markets in the construction industry, including asphalt, concrete, caulks and sealants, mortars and roofing. CCC Chemicals has years of helping clients in various construction markets, so they have extensive knowledge and strong insight about what chemical materials are needed to do the best work.

The supplier has a vast list of high-quality chemical products on their company portfolio—these products are helpfully categorized by function on their website. The products available include biocides, clays, curing agents, defoamers, fillers, extenders, resins and solvents. These materials are sourced from leading chemical supply partners across the world so that the portfolio is filled with the most innovative solutions to meet market demands.

The superior quality of chemical products is important in order to have materials that are strong and long-lasting—these factors are essential for the industry’s high-standards for safety and efficiency.


If businesses within the construction industry want to be fully prepared for the rise in plans and projects, they will need to get all of their essential resources. These businesses would be wise to use a reliable chemical supplier as the solution to their problem because the right supplier will have incredible market knowledge, business experience and portfolio options for their clients.

In the end, getting the best chemical products for upcoming construction projects will make sure that every single task is completed in a safe, timely and efficient manner.

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