Key Things to Consider When Putting Together a Healthcare Uniform

Key Things to Consider When Putting Together a Healthcare Uniform

Whichever kind of service you’re looking to provide, the healthcare industry is certainly an interesting one to break into.

But, that said, a healthcare uniform is quite a different one to put together than a uniform for most other industries. To ensure a high-quality uniform, you’ll want to know that you’ve sourced the parts of your uniform from a high-quality and respected workwear supplier, such as Simon Jersey.

There are certain things that should also be kept in mind throughout to ensure that your uniform can stand up to the rigours of the job. With that in mind, here are some key things you should consider when putting together a healthcare uniform.

Health and safety requirements

Health and safety requirements should be at the forefront of your mind at every single step of the uniform creating process. Your uniform will need to meet certain standards to ensure that both staff and patients stay as safe as possible whatever the situation.

For example, you’ll want to ensure two key things for every piece of your uniform:

  • That they’re made from infection-control compliant material, to greatly reduce the risk of any cross contamination between staff and patients.
  • That the material of the uniform is tough enough to withstand frequent 60 Celsius washes, to ensure that all germs and microbes are killed and you have an immaculate uniform ready for each shift.

Ease of wear and additional safety considerations

The above considerations are definitely the main ones to keep in mind, but there are other things to keep in mind to help you create a uniform that’s more effective still.

Think about things such as concealed zip tunics, which will reduce the risk of zips accidentally catching on things, or just pull over tunics for general ease of wear and removing most of the risk.

Something to also be aware of is how comfortable your uniform is. When battling through the busiest of shifts, a comfortable uniform is one of the best ways your staff can stay cool throughout, and without any additional stress.

Tunics are usually loose enough to keep air flowing around and allow complete freedom of movement, so look for trousers with an elasticated waistband to complement that factor.

Healthcare staff wearing nursing uniform

Long shifts, rushing staff, and the possible risks.

In any industry that involves being on your feet all day, high-quality footwear is probably the most important factor to ensure that staff can stay safe and comfortable – especially as those particularly exhausting shifts draw to a close.

So with your shoes, you’ll want to consider three main factors: material, grip, and ease of wear.

Even your footwear needs to stand up to hot washes for health and safety purposes, which is why plastic clogs are so common in healthcare; they’re safe, they have good grip, and they’re quick to remove, making them possibly the best option for you.


Keeping these considerations at the front of your mind as you’re designing your healthcare uniform will leave you with a safe, comfortable, and professional uniform that can stand up to whatever the jobs throws at you.

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