Business Tools Used by Fast-Growing Companies to Scale (Infographic)

Business Tools Used by Fast-Growing Companies to Scale (Infographic)

When starting a company it can be difficult to focus on the issues that might stunt growth in the distant future when there are so many issues to focus on in the present. However, it can be catastrophic to the business if the technology stack cannot keep up with a rapidly growing customer base. This is why it is vital for the entrepreneur to have the foresight to build a company with technologies that are truly scalable.

We were interested to learn what technologies are being used by eCommerce businesses ranking on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. We found over 25 percent, approximately 1,100 businesses, to be eCommerce focused brands. Of these companies, we discovered common trends among the technologies used across eCommerce platforms, shipping providers, advertising tools and more.

In this study, RedStagFulfillment uncovers what technologies have enabled the fastest-growing companies to scale so quickly.

Tech used by fast growing companies to scale - infographic

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