Non-profits Matter: How Non-profits Help the Local Community

Non-profits Matter: How Non-profits Help the Local Community

When people are struggling, they often don’t realize just how many resources they have right at their fingertips. People in need feel like it’s their burden to deal with alone and that they can’t ask for help. They fear being seen as weak or needy.

Fact is, though, all humans have needs.

We all feel vulnerable sometimes. It’s part of the human condition. There are times when trying to muddle through on our own just makes us suffer more, and that doesn’t do anybody any good. If you look for help, you’ll find that it’s all around you.

One big source of that help comes via nonprofits designed to serve the community at large.

When you’re looking for work

Most moderately-sized cities have services in place designed to help adults find gainful employment. One place a lot of people don’t think to look is Goodwill Industries. It turns out they’re much more than just a thrift shop. They do use revenue from their stores to provide job training, though. If you’re not sure what kind of job you want, other than “one that pays me money,” then the team at Goodwill can administer a vocational evaluation. Both skills and interest will play a role in determining places where you might be a good fit.

You’ve probably heard the term “soft skills” used in discussions about job applications, but what does it mean? Soft skills are basically another way of describing your personality. If you have trouble communicating clearly with coworkers, you can get trained in that. Not everyone is born with the exact right personality for a particular work environment. In fact, most of us aren’t. There’s no shame in needing a little guidance.

How are your computer skills? Almost every job requires basic computer literacy. You can take classes at Goodwill that will teach you to do things like type properly and efficiently. If you’re not familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite, there are classes for that as well. Remember, just because you don’t know a particular skill now doesn’t mean you’re doomed to go on not knowing it until the end of time.

The right job can lead to so many other good things. It can get you out of your cramped apartment and into a spacious home of your own (as motivation, you can start window shopping for houses now via agencies like SW Ohio Real Estate). It can boost your health both mentally and physically. It won’t make your life perfect, but it will make it much better.


Family services

Parenting isn’t easy. It’s one of the most common jobs in the world, but that doesn’t mean parents know exactly what to do from the first moment their child is born. There’s a stigma attached to things like parenting classes, but there shouldn’t be.

Parenting classes are kind of like therapy, in that the people attending the sessions are being open and admitting they can’t do everything on their own. That deserves applause rather than condemnation.

Parenting classes can be especially useful when two parents have wildly divergent ideas about things like discipline. Both of them need to get on the same page and show a united front. Parenting support groups aren’t as structured as parenting classes, but they can offer another lifeline for frustrated parents.

Check around your area for classes and support groups. They’re offered by secular groups like Goodwill, but if you’re looking for an emphasis on religion, you can also find classes and support at many churches in your city.


Two examples above can show you how nonprofits matter in your local community. If you think that you’re up to the challenge, support and join your local nonprofits.

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