Wearables – Benefits and Challenges (Infographic)

Wearables – Benefits and Challenges (Infographic)

The world of technology is full of trends but not all trends come and go. Some persist for a long period of time and one such trend now a day is Wearables.

Without going into the technicalities eh simple definition of Wearable is any functional technical device that can be worn over the body as an accessory. In the present times the wearables that are capable of monitoring the vital stats of body like heartbeat and BP are widely used. Right from smartwatches to smart sophisticated shoes that can keep track of your steps or total calorie burnt during jogging; there are a number of wearabels for different purposes.

While the wearables come with lots of benefits there are some concerns and challenges too. So, it would be great to have a wholesome multifaceted evaluation of wearables.


The wearables allow a person to regulate his lifestyle and take preventive measures promptly. For example a person does not have to manually get is BP checked at regular intervals, but it can be done automatically with the help of smart watch and as soon as any abnormality arises the warning is instantly issued so the the necessary preventive measures can be taken.

The wearables also a person to keep a track of his activities that can affect the health. For example by releasing a warning message for the wearer (see, high sugar level) the wearables can prevent him from taking a prompt action (reducing sweets for in this instance)

Besides there are numerous benefits arising out of consistent monitoring collection and communication of vital data to the authorities that matter.


The same functionality and capability that makes the Wearales an asset for the humankind, also makes it a tool to be misused to carry malicious objectives. For example the wearer may forget his smartwatch in a park that is picked up by a malicious element.

The watch can release the vital health information about the wearer like the body condition, diseases etc. This information can be used against the wearer in a number of ways.

Just like any other IoT the wearables are prone to “leakages” that may include any vital information about your business like important emails, sales figures, hidden business strategies etc.

For more benefits and challenges, check out this infographic:

Wearable technology - infographic

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