4 Reasons Your Brand Should Use Social Media

4 Reasons Your Brand Should Use Social Media

Social media is mankind’s second home. Studies suggest that a whole third of people’s time online is spent on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and the best brands know to take advantage of this phenomenon. Between the ease of starting up an account and the gains of maintaining strong and consistent connections with a consumer base, there are sparingly few reasons why a company shouldn’t take to social media.

Consider these five powerful incentives, and see if social media doesn’t feel like a natural next step for your brand:

1. The Professional Scene is More Accessible than Ever

Professional consultants are the most reliable way to pull off a digital marketing plan that’s effective and custom-built to fit your brand. Firms like Sherwood Integrated Solutions specialize in sharing their mastery of digital marketing with businesses in exchange for standard payment methods and asset liquidation options. This means that top-tier insights are readily available even to companies whose assets would normally be too tied up in idle and illiquid holdings.

Tapping into their expertise is a must for any company, even those whose in-house marketing divisions claim to know the ins and outs of running a website, Facebook account, or blog. Plain and simple, there’s no substitute for seeking the help of professionals like the ones at sherwoodis.com who’ve devoted entire careers to understanding this specific mode of connecting with a customer base.

2. Social Media Means Unlimited Creative Potential

Sharing photo albums, hosting contests, launching polls, and hosting videos are only a handful of the features that social media can offer its users. There are near unlimited ways that a business could reinvent, reinforce, and share its brand with users from all corners of the market.

These options are free, meaning your business could host as much content as it wants without having to pay the cost of registering a domain, or other expenses associated with starting up a website from scratch (which isn’t to say building a site is a bad investment).

Casey Neistat influencer branding example
photo credit: Casey Neistat / YouTube

3. Social Media is Great for Brand Messaging

Crafting and delivering a core message for your brand can be a challenge when a business is forced to rely on traditional forms of advertising: ad space is costly, and it takes far more ingenuity to capture someone’s attention using a set of static publicity materials.

Social media enables companies to take a step in a more natural direction by putting their content up on a free and dynamic channel. Rather than casting out a set of finished products and hoping they’re well-received, companies on social media can run middle to long-term campaigns that adjust to how they’re received.

4. Social Media Maximizes Connectivity

Connecting with your customer base is the ultimate goal for a business that wants to last. In the past, the slow and uncertain approaches of reaching out through emails and letters was most common, alongside matching the tone of their ad materials to reflect a common and likable voice.

Social media gives consumers a direct line to your business, and allows your business to take full charge of the experience your clients have when they interact with you over time.

Don’t let your brand fall behind the pack –take to social media, and explore the options it provides you. There’s no more vital step to ensuring your enterprise makes it in this day and age.

Cover photo by Canal Andressa Martins / Instagram

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