4 Reasons Telecommuting Improves Productivity

4 Reasons Telecommuting Improves Productivity

People who telecommute are 87% more likely to “love” their jobs and 50% less likely to quit. Plus, they’re often happier and more engaged than their office-bound counterparts. It’s no wonder more companies are moving towards flexible work hours and work-from-home schemes.

On average, telecommuters save businesses about $2,000 per person each year in office space, unproductive hours, electricity costs, and other operations-related expenses. Likewise, telecommuting saves employees an estimated $1,120 on gas and transportation, $1000 on annual dry cleaning expenses, over $800 on food and beverage expenses, $750 on tax, and nearly $600 on clothing. From a financial standpoint, telecommuting is as clear a win-win scenario as it gets.

Employee happiness and finances notwithstanding, what really drives companies towards flexible work hours is the promise of increased productivity. A study on CTrip, China’s largest travel agency showed that telecommuters were 13% more productive than those who stayed at the office.

With recent advancements in communications technology and a growing interest in coworking spaces like Common Desk, people all over the world can work wherever they want, whenever they want (within reason, of course).


Here are 4 Reasons Telecommuting Improves Productivity.

1. Greater Control Over Time

Telecommuting provides a middle ground between being an employee and being your own boss. Although most telecommuters still report to higher ups, a good amount of them are able to enjoy ownership over their time and schedule.

Telecommuting also frees up a lot of time. Each year telecommuters are able save 260 hours each year by not commuting on a daily basis. Instead of braving rush hour traffic every day of your working life, convince your boss and coworkers to try out telecommuting. After all, half of the jobs in the United States are compatible with remote work.

2. Better Work-Life Balance

People who telecommute enjoy more sleep (45%), eat healthier (42%), and engage in more physical activity (35%) than most nine-to-fivers, which translates to higher energy levels, better health, and improved mood at work.

Furthermore, they get to spend more time with family and friends than at the office. With traffic getting worse and workplace technology getting better, telecommuting is making more sense now than ever before.

If you lack the space to work at home, check out thecommondesk.com for coworking spaces near you.


3. Lower Absenteeism And Tardiness

You can’t be absent or late when you work from home. Even if you’re scheduled for an early appointment or conference call, you’ll be able to get ready sans the commute, which means you’ll have more time to prepare and less time to panic.

Just, please, don’t ever let your boss see you in pajamas or a ratty t-shirt.

4. Maximizes Productive Hours

53% of telecommuters go beyond the regular 40 hour work week. No surprise considering they don’t have to spend time commuting or finding a parking slot. Not only that, they are able to work when they are most comfortable (read: productive). Rather than forcing your body clock to adapt to the cookie-cutter nine-to-five schedule, you’ll be able to work when your motivation and energy levels are highest.

The prospect of telecommuting may seem odd at first, but you’ll find that with less travel time and more freedom over your schedule, you’ll be able to produce at a much higher level.

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