The Quickest Route to Entrepreneurship: Buying an E-commerce Business

The Quickest Route to Entrepreneurship: Buying an E-commerce Business

Individuals who are pursuing entrepreneurial career paths assume inherent risks when starting a new company. The risks of acquiring customers and increasing revenue pose the greatest challenge when starting a new business.

You can avoid almost all of these risks by acquiring a business that already has consistent revenue and an established clientele. This is a convenient way to avoid risk, but it can also be expensive and difficult to manage. This is where buying an online business can be the best option for an acquisition-minded entrepreneur. This article and infographic assists in understanding the benefits and current trends of acquiring an online business with the increasing presence of e-commerce websites.

Buying an online business can be the best way to circumnavigate most of the perils of starting your own business. An established online business will already have current customers and growing revenue. This bypasses the first few years of operation, which are always the most perilous for new businesses.

Acquiring an e-commerce business is becoming a popular option in many different tech-centered cities and near many entrepreneurial-focused universities. The top four schools currently offering entrepreneurship courses are Babson College, Brigham Young University, Harvard University, and Rice University.

This increased focus on entrepreneurial objectives is making these cities and universities focus on areas for online business acquisition, which is most popular among baby boomers and millennials who have recently graduated from college. Baby boomers have a higher spending ability than other demographics, and millennials have strong technology skills and high education qualifications.

When you acquire an online business, it will not be a risk-free investment—after all, there will be risks associated with any initial investments. The advantage of pursuing an online business is that the risk is lower and is more in your favor.

To learn more about buying an e-commerce business, check out the Quiet Light Brokerage infographic below.

Buying an ecommerce business - infographic

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