Put That Fire Out! How The UK Can Stay Safe From Flames

Put That Fire Out! How The UK Can Stay Safe From Flames

Fires can occur at almost any time and happen anywhere.

Twiddling your thumbs in the office, lounging on the sofa with the TV on, waiting patiently in the train station – anywhere.

In 2015/16, there were 303 fire related fatalities and 7,661 casualties in fires. Not all incidents are preventable, but many are avoidable.

Fire checks are performed regularly across the country. Whether that means large fire drills in airports and corporate buildings or lining up in the freezing cold outside when you really want to be elsewhere, the tests need to be done.

As a result of this, the number of fire-related incidents continues to fall on a global scale, especially in the United Kingdom.

Since 2004, the precautionary measures that companies have followed are working – some will see these tests as a waste of time, but others (quite rightly) recognise their importance.

Fire safety on a large scale

Fire safety should be happening everywhere. In the home, checking the little red beeper is still working on your alarm could prevent a major disaster. Simple solutions to avert potentially huge risks.

Let’s look at this on a larger scale, the London Underground being a great example.

Those on the executive board are under significant pressure to ensure the wellbeing of the public. The tube handles just under five million passengers every day across London, covering 402km and serving 270 stations.

The Northern Line has gone under severe restoration and advancement in recent times, and with this comes a sizeable list of fire safety hazards. Durasteel doors have recently been installed, and will ensure the safety of the public due to their huge resistance to the flames.

Other measures that can be taken place are so simple. Coordinating with those around you is crucial to calm the nerves. A short 20 minute seminar into fire safety with your colleagues, or even just knowing where the green exit sign is, could be enough to save them should a fire break out.

Fire extinguisher

Further development

The advancement of technology has allowed materials like Durasteel to come into fruition. Military facilities, as well as rail and metro projects, are and will continue to benefit from research.

But the world isn’t a perfect place. Scholars are reluctant to admit that engineers are limited and need to overcome various cultural and institutional barriers to ensure these technological improvements are more widely adopted.

Still, the importance of fire safety knows no bounds. Developments will continue to transpire within the engineering industry to ensure maximum protection year on year. And as the accident tally falls, the safety measures and investment continues to coarse into the root of engineering companies, who will work tirelessly to further decrease the number of fires across the UK.

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