Let’s Chill: Top Tips for De-stressing at Work (Infographic)

Let’s Chill: Top Tips for De-stressing at Work (Infographic)

Nowadays, stress at work is a rather common problem in our hectic and fast paced lives. Deadlines, meetings, reports or queueing customers might create a great deal create a lot of pressure. Even for the most organised people out there.

If stress is manageable and stays under control. It can even produce a positive outcome. The right type of stress might help and work as a motivating mechanism. This is a natural response which does not harm or heavily impact one’s mind.  During our daily work, it affects the body as a fuel and helps with finishing tasks and achieving our goals.

Nevertheless, there is always the other side of the coin. Good stress can quickly turn into a bad stress, which is also called distress if it is not properly managed. If work becomes overwhelming, too much stress accumulates and can start to harm a person. This can emerge at any level – both mental and physical. Stress related symptoms may include such things as headaches, inability to sleep (insomnia), and lack of concentration. It can even go as far as turning into severe depression.

And stress related problems not only negatively impact those directly harmed, but also the workplace. Research shows that health care and sick-day related costs reach up to 300 billion dollars per year. Around 1 million employees miss work every day due to stress related reasons. Having a stressed employee might also turn out to be dangerous due to previously mentioned reduced concentration and increasing probability of accidents. This is especially the case in industries where physical work is inevitable, for example on construction sites.

Understandably, a natural solution to decrease stress would be avoiding the stressful situation in the first place. However, that is not always possible in order to be able to keep one’s job and financial stability. Completely eliminating stress is not plausible, but learning to manage it better can always turn out to be a great skill.

The golden rule of stress management is making sure that a person does not get overwhelmed. In a busy environment, it might seem like a difficult thing to do, but there are some methods to choose from. Picking the right method and finding the time to do it are the key elements to success.

Market Inspector created an infographic with 9 easy and quick ways to de-stress at work. These tips can help reduce the stress level within seconds. And they do not require a lot of effort to begin with, making them perfect for even the busiest of work environments.

 De-stressing at work - infographic

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