10 Best Start Ups to Keep Up With in 2017

10 Best Start Ups to Keep Up With in 2017

Becoming a startup founder remains the coolest thing in the business world, despite the high risk of failure, and that’s for a good reason: When the products and services are well-accepted by the market, they will thrive – even soar to unicorn status.

Interestingly, not only for founders, startups are also attractive to investors, too.

If you are a budding entrepreneur who’s looking for an inspiration for starting up a business, or an investor who’s looking to take a risk and invest in an upcoming startup, here are 10 of many for your inspiration.


Avaamo chatbot startup - website

Avaamo is the first of the startups related to artificial intelligence that you should know about and follow. It’s an application that deals directly with chatbots. Its developers are sure that the future of our conversations will be directly connected with them. For that, they have generated a platform of tools as bots that lend a hand to users in any subject. From your next trip, to the grocery shopping list. Some of the creators of this service have previously worked on Apple, SAP and Siebel.

Abalo Publicidad

One of the innovative and successful start-ups of 2016 that has shown a lot of promise for 2017 is Abalo Publicidad. It’s an online store offering office supplies such as notebooks, agendas, work clothes and more. Many well-known companies are turning to Abalo Publicidad for their supplies and thus has grown really quickly.


Another very attractive artificial intelligence company that is taking its first steps is Cerebras. Its founder is Andrew Feldman. It is a company that focuses mainly on security environments and legal matters for different contents. Feldman is already famous for being the developer of SeaMicro, company later acquired by the famous AMD for about 355 million dollars.


Clarifai website

Clarifai was founded in New York three years ago. Its creations are directly related to products that can provide visual recognition of different objects. Some of its most famous investors are Google and Nvidia, who are especially interested in their advancements. Also Buzzfeed and Unilever want to invest in this firm.


Datalog is a company that works on natural language conversation systems to add to all types of products and machinery that use artificial intelligence. The announcement of its last launch came in the Christmas preview and was a real success.

Wine Outlet

Wine Outlet website

Have you ever wanted to buy wine online but didn’t know what to pick and wish a site would consolidate all information on specific wines and also include reviews? That’s exactly what Wine Outlet does in addition to offering wine sales and delivery all over Greece. The start-up was very successful thanks to how much demand there was for what it provides.

Defined Crowd

Having customers such as Amazon, Alexa or Sony is not a minor detail. Defined Crowd is another artificial intelligence startup to keep in mind. We speak in this case of a firm founded by Daniela Braga and Amy Du that is based in Kirkland, Washington. Its most important development has to do with a system designed directly for scientists. They aim to accumulate and systematize the data obtained in different researches, in order to improve the analysis patterns, saving time and effort for the specialists.


Another firm based in New York. One that focuses on developments in health care, safety and advances in medicine and remedies for the sick, injured, etc. They try to generate patterns related to each ailment or suffering that patients can experience. In turn, it coordinates patterns to establish predetermined solutions. Hopefully in the near future, Galaxy.AI will help find useful drugs much more quickly.


Hudl website

Besides the shops and AI start-ups, another field that has shown rise is the sports field. Most specifically, Hudl, an app mainly created to assist sports teams has managed to make the list thanks to how well it’s performed so far. It connects coaches and players and allows them to communicate more easily plans and strategies for upcoming games, tips and tricks for perfect nutrition and other information to perform better.


One of the great protagonists of CES 2017. Unlike the previous ones, the team of uSens is composed mainly of Chinese entrepreneurs and developers. It is one of the first firms that have combined artificial intelligence with virtual reality. For this, they have generated a form of helmets that will immerse you in a completely parallel world.

As you cans see, there are so many amazing start-ups to follow in 2017. Which ones do you think will perform best?

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