3 Ways Small Businesses Can Actually Increase Sales Volumes Using YouTube

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Actually Increase Sales Volumes Using YouTube

YouTube is a huge platform where billions of video hours are watched in a month, there are also five billion YouTube views every day. For small businesses looking to increase their brand’s reach and close more deals, this video repository site is a critical tool. However, how can you actually leverage on the power that YouTube offers your business?

The best news is that you do not require to spend a ton of cash to create video ads before you realize the benefits of having been on YouTube. Here are three tips on how you can use YouTube’s video hosting service to grow your business.

Have a Video Calendar

Like social media and blogging, the first thing you should start with is by creating a calendar for consistently supporting your video marketing efforts. This may be the most critical and difficult step during your video marketing campaigns. It means that you have to research your buyer persona, understand their immediate pains, and then show how your products or services are going to resolve them.

One way to get started is by adding your marketing video to existing social media and blog calendar; however, if you are confident enough, you can set up a completely separate calendar dedicated to video marketing. But, merely posting your video online is not enough. You have to research into what are the best days to have your video go live, what times of the day’s potential customers are likely to view videos, and promote the video across diverse mediums.

Offer Assistance, Don’t Sell

YouTube and social media channel video content should not be the place where you oversell your product or service. The video is supposed to convey critical information on guidance, brands and not directly promote a product (even though this is the overall objective of any business). For example, accident claim lawyers can create videos on how people can get compensation from a car accident; as you can see, the video content does not pitch, it informs the viewer.

This is generally true when it comes to video marketing, but it is really important when you have videos hosted on YouTube. At the end of the day, YouTube is a video social media platform. Inbound marketing requires that sharing information and building your buyer, be the core of any efforts you make, and this should also apply to the videos you post on YouTube.

YouTube channel

Add Flesh to Your Channel

Keep putting out content like Q&A, How To or any other video series at regular intervals to keep your users coming back or boost YouTube subscribers. Choose a particular day of the week to do your business’ video publishing; the consistency will keep your subscribers interested and looking forward to the next video. Do not upload your videos as soon as you make them, have a specific day, time or a frequency to publishing content to your channel.

Plus, make your YouTube channel a hub for all the video content and not just a list of uploads. Include branding and organized rows that show your most valuable content first. Help your clients know more about you by shooting a quick business trailer video that will run at the top of the channel; include information on what their actual benefit will be once they subscribe to the channel.

The End Goal…

All in all, YouTube is an excellent social media platform that can be a critical marketing tool. However, Up, Next and Suggested videos features are likely to take potential clients away from your site, and there are even fewer marketing options. To combat this, carry out a joint video marketing approach that YouTube is part of.

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