5 Tips to Save Energy and Money in your business

5 Tips to Save Energy and Money in your business

A penny saved is a penny earned.  This holds true in business.

You see, in business, any cost cutting endeavor is much appreciated. Savings can be made within all areas of business through awareness of all costs and careful choices of spending.

Perhaps not much talked about, but proper maintenance of business equipment and fixtures is important in your business’ budget saving endeavor.  This includes the protection of your electrical items. The protection of electrical items allows you not only to save on energy bills, but also to prolong the life of your equipment.

If you’re looking for some pointers, here are five tips to help you save energy and money in your business:

1. Electrical Conduits

Investing in high quality electrical conduits is vital for many types of business, particularly those in the food and beverage industries, as they have to follow a strict set of rules and regulations in regards to health, safety and hygiene.

Making this kind of early investment can save considerable amounts of money long-term, as not only you don’t have to worry about the future costs of replacing damaged cables, but also you can prevent the need for replacing your broken equipment due to bad wiring or wire fitting.

2. Green Energy

Green energy - wind turbine

There are many long-term positive aspects of using green energy sources, such as solar energy. Statistics suggest that energy costs can be reduced by 75% for the average commercial property owner in the United States.

A concern for solar energy is often the upfront cost, but the average time for a business to pay a solar panel off is three to seven years. With this investment and quick recovery time, the energy cost saving potential are tremendous in the long run.

Green energy can also positively contribute to a company’s image. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, and a company can greatly benefit from being noted as an environmentally responsible organization.

3. Review your telecommunications

Bills for the necessary items to keep your company functioning are often the ones we accept the prices for. However, they are also the ones that we can get the bills down for over time.

Telephone companies often change their pricing structures or offer special deals, so be sure to take advantage of this. Speak with your current provider to see if you are on the best possible plan for your usage, and then speak with other companies to see if they could beat it. If you do this at least couple times a year you could end up saving money on a monthly basis, which could have a greater impact on your company in the long run.

Again, every penny counts!

4. Practice effective transportation

Bike to work

Travel costs certainly add up over time. Be sure to practice effective transportation, avoid unnecessary travel and keep vehicles maintained and in good care. The better you take care of your vehicles, the longer you have before you have to replace them.

5. Remember that time is money

Organization and effective time-management will help you to make the most of the time you have every day. The sooner you review your business practices, the sooner you could be saving energy and money!

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