8 Easy Steps to a Better Networking Business Card

8 Easy Steps to a Better Networking Business Card

When you go to a networking event, it’s important to ask yourself one question: what’s my identifier?

Your identifier is the thing that people use to tell others who you are, even if they can’t remember your name. “The guy with blue jacket” or “the woman with the red glasses” are effective identifiers, although they’re nothing too special. Lots of people can wear blue jackets or red glasses, so you’ll need to have something more specific than just an article of clothing.

That’s where your business card comes in. Imagine what would happen if your card was so amazing that it became your new identifier. People would stop saying, “Oh, you know so-and-so, they’ve got that haircut.” Instead, they would say, “You know, the person with the 3D business card!”

A well-designed business card is the perfect identifier because it tells people who you are and what you do in a tangible, entertaining way. The best part is that all of today’s modern design options give you the ability to create a card that’s totally unique to you.

So what options are available, and how do you make them work for you?

This guide to creative business card designs will answer those questions for you. It reveals the latest design techniques, from the wildly creative to the simply practical. Most important, you’ll learn how to choose the options that work best with your brand—so your card really is true to your identity.

Business card design tips - infographic

After you’ve weighed your options, you’ll need to work with a professional print designer to complete your design. They’ll help you make sure you’ve tapped all your creative potential, while also checking that your design is functional. Company Folders, the creator of this easy-to-use guide, is a great choice. They offer affordable business card design services and work with you to ensure that your card achieves the best results possible.

Once your card is printed, you’ll be ready to head into the networking sphere with your new identifier!

Cover photo credit: Oli Studholme / Flickr

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