How to Keep Your Business’ Tech in Shape

How to Keep Your Business’ Tech in Shape

No business that wants to remain profitable could work without at least partially relying on technology. Whether it’s for sales, marketing, internal communications or engaging with customers, a strong, durable and reliable computer network is always welcome. If you and your business are lagging behind the times and want to get your tech in shape, what can be done?

The first step is to look at the software you use. Software found in the typical workplace includes word processing and spreadsheet suites such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs, accounting tools, design apps, time management apps and email. All of that should be checked to see if it’s performing to the best of its ability and for any nasties such as viruses and spyware.

Keep it Safe

Cyber security is a big deal these days. So much so in fact that it has its own awareness month in October. To keep all your computers, servers and files safe, it’s essential to have some anti-malware software installed on each device, have two-step logins for every member of staff and persuade everyone in the company to perform daily scans to check for bugs.

Any compromise to your business’ cyber security could have a significant impact on the way in which your office technology will work. Anything slowing it down will make it harder to engage with customers, process orders and even open your emails. For this, a little performance testing for your tech will work wonders and identify further problems that may need to be fixed.

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Daily Checkups

Aside from doing daily malware scans, a little maintenance every day can go a long way. First thing on a morning and at the end of a day’s work, make sure that every device, app and piece of software is working as normal. Get everyone in your business to pitch in and, if they see something wrong, ask them to report it.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, it’s worth having a internet usage policy in place business-wide. This should stipulate that the only tabs kept open on a browser should be ones that are actually being used. If this is done across your business, you will save on bandwidth, meaning that all your devices stand a better chance of working as they should be.

If any employees aren’t paying enough attention, it’s worth explaining how important it is. Persuade them to avoid using social media on their device and to only check emails at set intervals. In doing so, they should get the message.

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