Tips for Reducing the Cost of Exhibiting as a Small Business

Tips for Reducing the Cost of Exhibiting as a Small Business

Exhibiting can be a tricky and expensive business. But if you plan on playing the long game to reap a great ongoing return on investment then it’s a good idea to think about how you can reduce your costs.

Here are some great tips to help you out:

Choose quality over quantity

Look for exhibition stands that can stand the test of time to be used over and over again. To do this, you’ll be looking for bases that are sturdy, where graphics are printed onto quality material that won’t curl and that the inks used won’t peel away.

You may have to pay a little more than the basic price for a stand, but if you’re planning on reusing then it’ll work out to be more cost effective if it saves you buying a completely new stand each time!

Pick a design that can last

It can be tempting to choose a design that shows off your latest offers to draw in attention, or perhaps one that uses seasonal imagery but this sort of information will become outdated very quickly.

Instead, choose a design that can be reused at multiple shows. Keeping your displays just as your logo, strapline and strong imagery is a really good way of making sure you can use your displays for a longer period.

After all, your displays job is to grab the attention of passersby – it’s then up to your sales team to do the talking and convert them into leads or sales.

Business exhibition visitors
photo credit: Produce Marketing Association / Flickr

Take your own supplies

Taking your own emergency supplies can help to keep your costs down as most venues will usually charge an excess to purchase. This includes things like masking tape, scissors and first aid supplies. Taking your own will also mean that you’re prepared for any eventuality!

Negotiate discounted space

Talk to the event organiser about any discounts they can offer you for your stand space. Some may be able to provide cheaper costs for less premium spaces which can help you to reduce your costs.

Recycle your displays

When you need to replace your messages, consider whether you can update just the graphics and keep the base units. This is often significantly cheaper if you have chosen base units that can allow for new graphics.

Brands such as Marler Haley offer replacement graphics which can help reduce your ongoing cost of exhibiting.

Cover photo credit: Jerzy Durczak / Flickr

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