Employee Engagement Crisis: How to Inspire and Motivate your Employees (Infographic)

Employee Engagement Crisis: How to Inspire and Motivate your Employees (Infographic)

Today’s workers are being held hostage by a lack of motivation, productivity and general workplace happiness. It is estimated that only 13 percent of employees are “engaged” in the workplace. As a result of this problem, American companies losing $450-$550 billion each year. So many people are just going through the motions and unable to find meaning in their job.

Realistically, employees won’t just solve these issues for themselves by buckling down and working harder. It’s up to employers to provide the kind of workplace that will motivate and inspire their employees, creating a sense of purpose and motivation within them.

Below is a list of five changes that employers can make in their workplace to increase the happiness and productivity of their employees.

1. Eliminate redundant tasks and meetings

Treating your employees like adults is one of the best ways to empower them. Eliminate menial tasks and meetings as much as you can. All these do is interrupt a productive work flow, slowing people down and preventing them from doing their best work. This will also result in lower stress for your employees as they are more focused on the truly important tasks.

2. Give employees a sense of purpose

With today’s workforce wanting to be given autonomy and empowerment, micromanagement is a sure fire way to suck the motivation out of your employees. Help employees feel like a bigger part of the picture by letting them try something new or getting involved with interviewing candidates early on in the hiring process.

3. Foster transparency

There is a 94 percent direct correlation with employee happiness and management transparency. With that being said, honesty is the best policy when it comes to sharing sensitive information with your employees. If you’re willing to trust them, they will have a deeper investment and pride in the company and in their work.

4. Encourage healthy lifestyles

At first this may not be something you’d think to consider, but health can have a tremendous impact on the performance of your employees. Focusing on health and wellness can lead to improved productivity, loyalty and morale. Employees that are healthy will be more productive and happier in the workplace. Another perk is that healthy employees take fewer days off.

5. Motivate with rewards and recognition

Everyone is recognition hungry…that’s right, everyone. By recognizing employee accomplishments, they will feel more secure and happy with their job. Implementing rewards programs can be very beneficial as studies have shown that employees who are rewarded for going the extra mile are more productive and fulfilled, show more loyalty and contribute in more meaningful ways.

For more on the employee engagement crisis that is plaguing today’s global workforce, check out the following infographic from Clarizen, a workforce management solution company. The graphic portrays employee engagement to the theme of the popular Netflix show “Stranger Things.” It reveals what happens when workers are disengaged and what employers can do to fight back against this trend.

Employee engagement crisis - infographic by Clarizen

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