7 Things to Let Go to Enjoy Life More

7 Things to Let Go to Enjoy Life More

Do you feel something in holding you back and you don’t know, exactly what those things are?

There is the saying: “When life gives you lemons make lemonade,” and that is true. Most times, the way to move forward is to use what you have. However, other times the wisest thing to do is to give up on lemons to make room for something better. Letting go takes courage and confidence that you can do something else.

Do you know people that insist on doing something or marching on the same road out of the fear to give up? Digging an even deeper hole for themselves?

Enjoy life more by giving up and letting go the following seven things:

1. Negative people

A negative person can drain the life out of you. Even though they are not doing it intentionally, nevertheless, the effects can be devastating.

Did you know that nocebo has a higher “success” rate compared to placebo?

Let go of those people that are dragging you down. If you can help them, do it, but if you can’t, move on. They are not your responsibility. Give yourself permission to be a bit selfish and give up on them. Some lemons are not ripened enough not even for a lemonade.

2. Past negative experiences

The charm of life includes, unfortunately, some not so pleasant moments and events. However, there is a value in everything that happens to you, good or bad. Take the lessons and discoveries out of your unpleasant events, experiences and moments and let go of the rest.

Concentrate on the present and stay focused on your goals and dreams. What happened, happened. You can’t change the facts of the past, but you can change your emotions and feeling about it. Move on and give yourself the chance to live up to your potential.

3. Being a victim

To be honest, it is bothering me to see people that have been victimized in some horrible way, forced to say: “I’m not a victim, I’m a survivor.”

Yes, for some people regarding the event that way, helps them to move on. However, there are other people that, before letting go, need the society and their community to acknowledge the devastation and magnitude of what happened to them.

If you have been a victim, give yourself the time to heal. Learn more about yourself, your value and worth and know that no matter what happened to you, you can succeed in life in spite of it.

4. Learn to say NO

Be assertive, put your foot down and say “yes” only when you feel that is the right thing to do for yourself. Say No to those things that are infringing into your interest, make you feel used or step all over your rights as a human being.

Let go saying “yes” to everything and everyone.

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5. Trying to be perfect

We are subjective beings, and we like what we like and nothing more no matter what you do to those things that we dislike.

Be your own person and strive to be happy and fulfilled, let go trying to be perfect for the sake of others.

6. Being pessimistic

Pessimism is taking your power to see, notice and acknowledge the good part of thing and people. And even when you do, makes you doubt that the positive part you see will be there too in the future.

Yes, most things that seem to be too good to be true are not true indeed. Yet, being optimistic is not about going blindly into believing fantastic things. It is about searching and finding the value and what is right about everything.

Like a coin, all the things and people around you have two sides: a good one and a negative one. Go with the good one!

7. Dreams that turned into nightmares

Your dreams and aspirations are showing you how great you can be; how many other things you can achieve; how many others things you have to live for.

Your dreams can motivate you like almost nothing else. However, that motivation is not always positive. Let go of those dreams that you feel consumed by, night and day and bring you no satisfaction or sense of achievement. Let them go without fear. As you were able to build that dream, you can create many others and better next time.

Remember that your life belongs to you and the person you owe everything (protection, safety, understanding, care, love, achievement, etc.) is yourself.

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