Small Business Tech Trends to Watch For The Rest Of 2016 (Infographic)

Small Business Tech Trends to Watch For The Rest Of 2016 (Infographic)

Year after year, numerous technologies that are being launched in the market are getting more innovative and sophisticated. From upgraded user design to robust internals and added capabilities, there is no doubt that the current technologies are already an indispensable part of our daily lives. True enough, lasting a day without smartphones, instant messaging and internet is almost impossible to do in the fast-paced world, especially for business owners and alike.

From the largest enterprises to the smallest business ventures, technologies have provided a new avenue to achieve business goals and targets in a timely manner, all while maintaining efficiency and sound profit. Way back then, only the biggest companies have the capability to reach their target market all over the world- leaving small business players vanquished with little or no chance of survival. But as years go by, and technologies getting more reasonable and viable option for small business owners, one can really see the changes in the market share of different industries today.

Technology: Leveling ground

Gone were the days that only the biggest brands can connect with their audience real-time. Just take a look at the nearest burger joint in your local area and be amaze how they use the internet and other forms of technology to increase their sales and streamline their operations. A start-up service company can take leverage of wearable technologies such as virtual reality headsets and smartwatches to access critical information while on the field. And a local retail store can make use of small scale customer relationship management (CRM) program to effectively manage their day-to-day interaction with customers.

Last year, people witnessed how the cloud technology overtake the small business technology landscape, alongside with automated marketing and mobile technology. All of these past trends were all directed to increase operational efficiency. And now that we’re past halfway through 2016, we’re kind of sure that a big shift is happening on how small businesses are utilizing technologies on their businesses.

What are the trends to watch?

Thankfully, our good pals from The Service Manager has provided us with this visual guide that will help us to have a better perspective on some of the small business technology trends this 2016. Looking at the infographic, one can see the shift from last year’s trend of company-centric tools to more customer-focused technologies such as modern payment methods and digital comprehensive CRM which are all aimed to optimize customer experience. Take a look at the infographic below and see which technologies will suit your business needs the most.

Small business technology trends 2016

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