5 Online Businesses You Can Start Right After Reading

5 Online Businesses You Can Start Right After Reading

I’ll skip the intro today and just encourage you to read through the following list of 5 online businesses you can start the minute you finish reading about them:

1. YouTube Vlogger

It doesn’t take anything more than a camera and the will to entertain or inform to become a successful YouTube vlogger. But that’s not to say you’ll become a star overnight. I have a fascination with this particular model and frequently study the stars along with the up-and-comers.

One interesting character I’ve seen, though rarely watch more than a few minutes of (I’m a guy) is Tana Mongeau. Her wit, sarcasm and honesty have propelled her to over 1.5 million subscribers in the absolutely flooded beauty niche on YT, in something like a year of her channel being up. Don’t even get me started on what the Rock’s been cooking in just over a month on the platform!

Online businesses you can start today
Image Credit: YouTube/The Rock

The lesson we can all take from these two and others is that people subscribe most to those who speak their minds and aren’t afraid to show their personality. Subscriptions and views equal money on YT. Signing up for an account is stupid easy.

2. Social Media Icon

If it weren’t such a megalith, YouTube could easily get lumped in with this job, since it is in fact a social platform. However, being a social media icon and taking over a competitive platform like Instagram by being a Foodie Photographer or Fashion Photog is a different story. If you’re really good with photos, editing and even making short videos, you can make a significant income by offering your skills and content to platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine.

You might have noticed I didn’t mention Facebook or Twitter…

While people do use those platforms to market their other social channels and content, I don’t believe dedicating 100% of your time to either can be a standalone way to make an income (read opinions from others who agree/disagree here). They’re great for supplemental shares and such, but really hard to make a buck at unless you’re paying big money for ads (on Facebook) or using either as a marketing platform for your existing business (ie., offline brick-and-mortars or online coaching, consultancy, ecommerce, etc.)

3. Online Content Distribution

Create, uncover, purchase. Get your hands on or make great content people want to read, view, or listen to and voila! You’re a certified content distributor. There’s no need to buy expensive camera or audio gear, or a printing press to get a message out to people or entertain them nowadays. This is literally one of the biggest online businesses there is, next to ecommerce.

Purchase some hosting and then follow the easy instructions all hosts offer to install and set up WordPress on your account. It’s so easy, a monkey can do it! The hard part is obviously finding the content, SEOing your site properly, and managing your social presence, but it sure beats punching a clock!

4. Online Freelancer

You can freelance a number of different ways online. Writing, web development, social media management, graphic design, video editing, site maintenance, reporting — “fill in the blank”. If you have a skill, or desire to learn one, online freelancing is actually fairly easy to break into. What I mean is, you don’t have to start out in the mail room to make an entrance.

online businesses
Image Credit: Sandy Kemsley/Flickr

I’ve marketed myself as a writer strictly on online marketing forums like Warrior Forum and Digital Point classifieds. I consider Warrior the best, simply because I got most of my best (ie., willing to pay a fair wage) customers from that platform, even though the site does charge $20 or something to post an advertisement for your services in their “Warriors for Hire” section.

It’s easy to jump on a freelancing site like Freelancer.com or one of the many others, too. However, I’d suggest marketing yourself in reputable classified sites and on social, to fetch a better wage. Freelancing sites are like working in a sweatshop for peanuts instead of being the well paid person selling the garments in a high-end, air conditioned boutique!

5. Life Coaching

Life coaching is and always will be a great way to make money online. I’m not talking sports here, but where there’s a will, there’s a way if that’s your thing (for instance, start a YouTube channel offering practical tips about whatever sport you know). Even online educational tutoring could technically be considered coaching (create a social presence, vlog, blog — then offer your services).

But, I’m more talking about the type of coaching the vast majority of the world wants: ie., life, love, success, money, etc. And no, I’m not saying that just anyone can be good at this, but it is easy enough to dip your foot in the water and see if you’ve got what it takes.

One of my favorite rags-to-riches type stories in this area is Elliott Hulse. He got his start imparting no-holds-barred wisdom to people on YouTube and now his coaching, speaking engagements and Strength Camp brand are massive. I’d mention Eric Thomas in this category too, but he’s more of a straight up motivational speaker than life coach.

Take a look at the comments people are asking on your favorite blog, vlog, or social media account they follow. Forget about all the trolling and all otherwise unbearable comments we all see every day. For the most part, people want help navigating life and it’s obstacles. A great many will pay for the privilege of your coaching expertise, if you have what they want and they feel you can show them how to get it.

It’s hard to argue with results when looking at characters like Lewis Howes; a success coach who started from scratch on the Internet with his services. Or the legendary MMO mentor/guru Jon Chow (who’s more salesman than coach, but that’s just the nature of the niche he thrives in). Or life coach and pickup artist, RSD Tyler. All have made millions from their online businesses showing people how to get/do what they want in life.

What do you think?

Find a potential online business you think you’re cut out for?

Main Image Credit: alex lang/Flickr


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