What David Brent’s CV Look Like? (Infographic)

What David Brent’s CV Look Like? (Infographic)

Everyone should have a glowing CV which relates to achievements and showcases the person in the best possible light. However, if you where David Brent, star of The Office and the new mockumentary about him as a perceived rock star, what would your CV look like? This infographic takes a tongue-in-cheek look at Mr Brent’s possible CV, which covers all of his acclaimed positives and how he may perceive himself.

David Brent CV - infographic
Infographic by Euroffice

The layout is as light-hearted as the man and of course includes photographs to prove his point. Wording is laid-back and casual and while succinct is typically more powerful the content show bear the truth irrespective of how little.

David Brent loves himself to the extent that he believes he is great at everything. He has the audacity to rank his special skills, giving himself the highest ratings, along with quips to why he thinks he is the best.

This likeable chap is so self-centred he genuinely thinks he is infallible. His overt manner has made him the man we all love so much. His unashamed outspokenness has gained him a reputation that he feels makes him the best man for any job he chooses, including a rock star, although his hypothetical CV bears few, if any, references to previous musical talents.

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