How To Be Productive At Work: The Ultimate Guide (Infographic)

How To Be Productive At Work: The Ultimate Guide (Infographic)

When it comes to productivity, it’s typically measured by the amount that you achieve and not by how busy you are. Productivity is key to success at work. Managing directors, team leaders and supervisors strive to ensure they are getting the very most from each of their employees. It is safe to say that an ineffectual and/or uncreative worker will have problems at every step in their career which will hinder their long term job prospects.

Work intelligently

Learning how to work intelligently will allow you to be able to make the most out of your time which will lead to you achieving more with all of your time and resources. By working cleverly, you can increase your productivity. This will then result in you being able to use your extra time to complete different tasks.

By improving your work methods and work space, you can get the most from your work day. Examining how you use your time each day will help you understand where you are losing time on a day to day basis.

Making minute alterations to your work space such as using natural lighting, fixing your posture and ensuring your desk space is clean and tidy, you’ll be able to have an augmented productivity level while you work. Furthermore, it’s vital that you stay energetic at work, even you’re stationary all day. Small but effective exercises (that can be done at your desk) will help you stay fresh and alert all day.

Open-office plan: Good or bad?

In 2016, the design of modern office spaces have been created in order to develop a more open work flow and encourage employee interaction. These new modern solutions have been proven to positively adjust co-workers’ moods while also inspiring collaboration with one another.

By crafting a more translucent office space, free of the old-fashioned ‘’barriers’’ such as dark cubicles, workers can collaboration with one another more freely which then improves the overall productivity of the company. These modern changes include office pods, open-plan spaces and the use of warm, bright colours.

However, workers got fed up, eventually.  They – especially millennials – aren’t happy with the amount of distractions they’re exposed to “thanks” to the open-office plan.

With all of these distracting elements, is it possible to push through and productive? Studies have shown that the use of music can hinder or improve your work efficiency levels depending on the task that you are completing.

Things to do to be productive at work

This infographic from Davitt Corporate Partners reveals some interesting information from everything from noise levels to workspace design, wall colours and even to how your posture can affect our performance and creativity levels. For all the details on how we can be the most productive at work, let’s check out this fascinating infographic!

How to be productive at work - infographic

What distracts you the most at work? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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