4 Things You Can Do to Improve Information Security for Your Business (Infographic)

4 Things You Can Do to Improve Information Security for Your Business (Infographic)

It’s no surprise to anyone that cyber-attacks are on the rise. Last year it was reported that internet security breaches had increased 64 percent. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are effecting small and large businesses alike. With numbers like that you’d think that more than 37 percent of company boards would have a cyber incident response action plan in place.

Secure Mobile Devices

Employees don’t just bring their mobile devices to work, they’re live on them. Many people assume that smartphones are secure by default, when in reality they aren’t. It’s mostly up to the user to make the device secure.

Hackers can rather easily gain access to your smartphone in less than 30 seconds and install harmful malware or steal important data. With 59 percent of security practitioners noticing a rise in mobile device threats in 2014, it is highly important for businesses of any size to make sure their mobile devices are secure.

Hire Skilled Workers

Finding good cybersecurity talent can be extremely difficult even though the demand for such workers is growing at an astonishing rate of 91 percent since 2010. To find such talent it will require a bit of creativity, such as using social professional networks focused on cybersecurity. Forums, discussion groups, even Reddit are great places to start looking for talent.

Implement Advanced Authentication

The days of having to remember numerous passwords and which one goes where are coming to an end. With a focus on advanced authentication (e.g. biometrics, multi-factor), consumers and companies willing to abandon the decades-old password login method will be able to build a stronger set of defenses when protecting their data.

Create a Response Plan

With cyber criminals successfully attacking companies of all types and sizes, organizations must have plans in place to help respond to an inevitable data security breach. These plans should be aimed to limit damage, increase confidence of stakeholders and reduce the time and cost of such an incident. A new study shows that a cyber crime incident in the United States can cost a company an “average” of $15.4 million.

For more information on how to prepare your business for cybersecurity threats, check out the infographic below from DHR International.

Cyber security infographic by DHR International

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