Beyond Office Hours: How to Escape Workplace Stress at the End of the Day (Infographic)

Beyond Office Hours: How to Escape Workplace Stress at the End of the Day (Infographic)

Technology and the connected workplace are great for so many things. We can connect to co-workers who may live halfway across the country. We can find clients that may live halfway across the globe. We can respond to queries when it’s convenient, and we can share information in ways that people just 20 years ago never dreamed of.

But tech, the connected workplace, and the changing nature of companies and employees have a downside. All of that is contributing to all of us taking the stress of the office home with us. In fact, 1 out of every 4 people say that stress trails them out of the office—to home and what is supposed to be a retreat. And most employees believe stress continues to get worse.

What causes workplace stress

Stress at the office comes in many different forms. There are deadlines, of course, as well as co-workers, management of staff, and other problems. And workplace stress can manifest itself in a number of different ways, from headaches to outburst and upset stomachs.

The effects from stress aren’t localized, either. High stress at a workplace can lead to injuries on the job. It can seriously affect the heart and emotional and mental health. It may even cause us to get sicker as it compromises our immune system.

How to deal with workplace stress

Reducing stress isn’t impossible, but it does take dedication and perseverance from multiple points. It starts by firming up your responsibilities and limitations—saying no and delegating, for example. Shifting your mindset—how you can solve things without constant worry—is another tactic which takes practice. Simply unplugging—not checking email, not working on off-hours—can help, as can creative pursuits and even hand washing.

Ultimately, stress and the workplace is a balance. How much is too much, how much can you control, and when do you need to let go—of the stress or the job? Only you can know that, but this graphic is a good place to start to evaluate what you’re doing and how you can monitor or reduce that stress.

Workplace stress
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