Unlock the Potential of the New Trader Sentiment Mapper at ETX Capital

Unlock the Potential of the New Trader Sentiment Mapper at ETX Capital

As any trader worth their salt knows – trading is all about having all the data and predicting how the market price is going to move and react. Because of that the new Trader Sentiment Mapper that has been released by ETX Capital, one of the leading online trading services provider, definitely has a tremendous potential as it will give you the means to measure the sentiment of other investors.

With a single click you will be able to gain crucial insights into the direction that traders are moving for a certain product. Currently the feature is available for spread betting and forex clients of ETX Capital, and thus encompasses key markets and products.

Trading sentiment - bullish vs bearish
Bullish vs. bearish – via ETX Capital

The interactive chart that is at the heart of the Trader Sentiment Mapper will immediately show you exactly what sort of positions other investors are holding for various products, be it bullish or bearish. That is then coupled with a historical graph that tracks both the investor sentiment as well as the price over a certain period of time so that you can see how the market has moved based on investor sentiment in the past.

Trading sentiment vs price
Sentiment vs. price – via ETX Capital

Alongside all that data, ETX Capital also provides a stream of financial news articles that are unique to the product that you’re scrutinizing. Having such convenient access to all the latest news should help you to determine whether there are any circumstances or events that could affect your investment and its outcome.

Simply put, using the Trader Sentiment Mapper will let you evaluate the short term as well as long term viability and potential of any investment that you intend to make. By tapping into its potential, you’ll find that you are able to get a firsthand glimpse of the current investor sentiment, and react accordingly with all the information necessary to do so.s

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