Top 11 Free Apps and Tools for New Entrepreneurs

Top 11 Free Apps and Tools for New Entrepreneurs

For a variety of reasons, using apps and tools is crucial for all new entrepreneurs today.

Don’t you agree?

Look: If you want to start running your business, get ready to face different difficulties. Being a new entrepreneur means handling the working process that includes the following elements:

  • Emailing
  • Making Long-Term Plans
  • Analyzing Audience Needs
  • Using a Budget
  • Building Online Authority
  • Improving Knowledge

In short, all the above-mentioned things need time and efforts, so it’s you who should learn how to operate everything efficiently. As we live in the technological era, it’s a good point to start using apps and tools that can save time and improve your expertise.

Are you ready to learn more?

Here comes a list of top 11 apps and tools for new entrepreneurs:

Time Management Apps

Most people claim that there should be more hours in a working day, but the problem is they don’t know how to use time productively. These apps can help you save time and make some elements of the working process easier (and even by default):


Asana app screenshot

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to become a leader: motivate and encourage your colleagues to work harder. Thus, you’d better spread tasks and support your employees on every stage of the working process. Add, edit, and track tasks with this app!

WD My Cloud

As an entrepreneur, you might have a big amount of significant documents, contracts, and plans. Moreover, you might need to have a mobile access to these papers, so using cloud storages is a good idea. Give this app a try!


If you have problems with managing tasks, use this app. It gives you limited time to work on one task, and when the alarm alerts, you need to start doing another one. It helps you be more concentrated and less obsessed over completing one particular work type.


Organize your working process on the go with Trello app! It’s easy to craft boards, delegate tasks, and mark work according to its priority. This tool is handy for teams who work on the same project.

Financial Apps

Knowing financial management is great. It helps to improve profit maximization, but not all people are good at it, so using some apps might be helpful. Explore the following apps to make the most out of your finances:

Amex Mobile

Amex Mobile app screenshot

This app is perfect for those people who need to have a possibility to pay bills online without wasting extra money. It shows ways to find savings, track your income and outcome.

Mint Bills & Money

If you often forget about bills, this app is right for you. It sends push messages to inform you about the upcoming payment periods. Plus, you can get notifications when your budget is low.


Track the latest business and financial news to go hand in hand with the recent updates! It provides users with market data, business news and analysis, so every entrepreneur can take something useful from it!

Bill Organizer

Keep the billing history with this app, schedule notifications, and pay bills on time. It’s possible to save data by default to optimize the process.

Personal Growth Apps

You need more than improved business skills to excel in entrepreneurship. When it comes to being a successful businessman, keep self-developing as it is an important part. Thus, you’d better start using apps for personal growth. Check them out:

Audiobooks from Audible

Audiobook from Audible app screenshot

Although reading books broadens the mind, most businessmen don’t have enough time to do it. Then, it’s better to listen to them on the go! Download professional literature to draw inspiration, get insights, or master some skills!


If you feel the lack of some skills, feel free to enroll Coursera to obtain knowledge! No matter what skills you want to hone, you might find a suitable course for you. Moreover, you can learn while being in a traffic jam or on the way. Don’t miss a chance to grab something new!

Mind Games

All people need to take a pause from time to time. To use the time to your advantage, you can play some mind games that are aimed at improving or practicing different skills: attention, memory, vocabulary, etc. Play and learn at the same time as it is easy!

The Bottom Line

No matter what your business is, you can use apps and tools to polish up your skills and, therefore, start working better. Obviously, the list of these apps is larger than 11 positions, so you’re welcome to surf the Internet, ask your colleagues, and enlarge it!

Do you use apps and tools while working? Share your favorite ones with us! Let’s become better together!

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