Four Ways to Use Tablet Technology in Your Retail Store

Four Ways to Use Tablet Technology in Your Retail Store

Tablet technology is truly helping to revolutionise the retail experience. More and more retailers are discovering the benefits of this technology as they utilise its many different uses around their stores. Customer experiences with a brand can be greatly enhanced by this experience; tablets and their numerous applications possess a large amount of potential for changing the way in which customers shop and spend, making it a more personalised, simpler experience.

Here are just four of the top ways in which tablet technology can be hugely beneficial to retail stores.

Digital Signage

Large-scale clothing retailers and supermarkets have paved the way for the use of tablets in digital signage, and now many smaller retail stores are realising the potential of this method and following suit.

Tablets can be used in-store for not only displaying dynamic advertisements; they can also be utilised as interactive maps and product locators to aid customers in finding their way around the store, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable shopping trip.

In Store Catalogues

For many customers, travelling home to order products online after discovering that they are not currently in stock at the store can be a tiresome and annoying experience. This is why many retail stores with online shops are using in-store tablets as a way to give customers the ability to order whatever they need online, without having to wait until they arrive home or use their own smartphone to do so.

Tablets used as an in-store catalogue also provide an excellent means for comparing different products, reading reviews and more. Click to find out more about tablet displays and iPad enclosures for in-store catalogue tablets.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is important to retail businesses in every single industry. Knowing what the customer thinks of your brand and the products that you sell is vital in order to ensure that you meet their needs. Along with that, you will also want to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience when they shop at your retail store. Using a tablet in-store where customers can provide feedback and leave reviews for you in order to help you improve their experience is an excellent way to boost your customer service.

Having tablets available in-store where customers can express their concerns or leave compliments lets them know that you care about their needs and are eager to learn about what they have to share.

Point of Sale

iBoxPay iPad Point of Sale system
photo credit: Nagarjun / Flickr

Using tablets as a point of sale is becoming more and more popular of a method with a range of different retailers. Using a tablet gives customers a quick and easy way of not only ordering their items, but also allows them to pay for any purchases that they have made from the online catalogue or in store.

Tablet Point of Sale applications are also preferred by many employees as it allows them to conduct many different actions in one place such as processing payments and gift cards and creating customer profiles. Not only that, tablets can also be used as a self-service style point of sale method.


So, there you go; four of many upsides that tablet tech can offer retailers. If you want to adopt such technology to benefit your stores, there’s no time better than today. Adopt early and you could potentially position your store better in the market.

What are your thoughts on tablets in the retail world?

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