4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself About eCommerce Site Security

4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself About eCommerce Site Security

Cyber attacks and hacking are getting more prevalent year on year, so security has never been more important to an eCommerce business. But how safe is your site, really?

Are you having doubts about your data security? If you are and you think you could be at risk, answer these four questions to find out just how safe all your data really is.

1. How secure is your platform?

Your main priority when shopping around for the right eCommerce platform is that your client data remains confidential, so you need to consider security. The procedures being used are a key indicator, so make sure you ask to see their Attestation of Compliance which proves them to be PCI compliant. This means that they operate within the strict parameters of the PCI Security Standards Council, and having that stamp on your eCommerce site adds to your credibility. Plus, it will reassure you that your provider operates within the best security practices.

For more information on selecting your eCommerce platform, click here.

2. How secure are your transactions?

SSL is the most important tool at your disposal here, and it’s the main reason why hackers have so much difficulty finding their way into systems in the first place. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, you are definitely at risk, as it ensures that transactions like those via credit card are encrypted when sent across.

You can read more on the importance of SSL certification here.

3. Have you trained your staff in company procedures?

If your staff don’t understand the importance of keeping sensitive data within the business walls, you’ll be at risk simply from human error. A thorough training session on security, company practice where the disposal of sensitive or customer data is concerned, and maintaining online security is absolutely vital.

Making sure that your staff never give out the wrong kinds of information via customer service emails, social media threads or group chats will be another way to protect your eCommerce site.

4. Have you conducted a penetration test?

These can be a great way of finding out your weaknesses and how to fix them. Companies like Nettitude will go into your system in the same way that a hacker would to find out where your eCommerce site is at risk, exploiting your vulnerabilities across your infrastructure, applications and processes. They’ll provide all the external and internal penetration tests, as well as all website application testing and provide a full security audit service.

It’s always best to get the experts involved, and they offer a free initial consultation too.

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