How Much is your Website Really Worth? (Infographic)

How Much is your Website Really Worth? (Infographic)

In the digital age, maintaining a website is not only important, it’s essential to the growth of a business. For entrepreneurs, setting up a business or website that has a chance to sale to potential buyers is an essential part of their work. Knowing how to build and maintain a website that can be sold to potential buyers isn’t as complicated as it seems; however, you need to have the right guide to follow.

It’s important to understand what’s important to potential buyers; also, it’s important to understand that your website, when put up for sale, may not receive good offers.  There are factors to consider, and the return-on-risks to ponder upon.

What’s the difference between $10,000 and $100,000 website?

In essence, what differs between a five-digit valuation and a six-digit valuation is on how easy and profitable it is to operate. It’s that simple. If anyone else is trying to tell you that a website is potentially make $X or attract Y customers, then you should stay away from the website and move on to the next opportunity.  Why is that? Let me explain.

Seriously speaking, potential is all about dream, hope and vision for the future.  It’s based on what you expect the website will become.  It’s not based on hard data.  Buyers – those who know what they are doing, that is – want seller to show some factual data; the reasons why there are still growth prospects attached to the website. Of course, there are still uncertainties – but past performance is sufficient in making any projections for the future;  this is something that’s can provided by the so called “potential.”

That said, you need to show that there are opportunities for the website to grow, as a good growth prospect usually mean higher value.

Then there’s another major factor that’s called risk – something that every buyer and investor want to minimize at all cost.  Your prospective website buyers will weigh – and scrutinize – the risk factors, simply because when buying a website, they are exposed to more risks than the seller.

It’s also important to have a business that can transition smoothly without interruption when new a person steps in. This is all about management, and the good news is, it’s one of the aspects that you can create and control since day one.

Sounds complex and challenging? No worries, once you have the road map, you’ll be fine.

Need a guide on how to improve your website’s value?

There are four essential pillars that can help a website to increase in value over time. Quiet Light Brokerage compiled these four pillars together in an infographic to help website businesses build valuable websites. The four pillars – risk mitigation, growth prospects, transferability and verifiability – all play an essential role in building a valuable website.

Check out the infographic below to understand and learn tips and tricks to build a valuable website that will command above market price and plenty of interest from potential buyers.

Four pillars of a valuable website - infographic

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