Market Trends in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry (Infographic)

Market Trends in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry (Infographic)

It’s easy, sometimes, to ignore staffing, especially if you have a group of employees that work well for you and together. But the truth in staff and how it affects business is more nuanced and subject to fluctuation—which can affect your bottom line in both negative and positive ways. And your staffing isn’t always subject to your control: Supply and demand in other industries can do much to circumvent any good planning that you undertake. That’s why it’s important to understand trends and growth across the staffing.

Part of the way to track how employment changes are going to affect your industry is to track changes in employment sectors. Certainly, trends in temporary employment affect staffing, as do growth trends in a variety of industries.

Akken Cloud, in partnership with Ghergich & co., created an infographic that shows trends in the staffing and recruiting industry – in numbers:

Finding competitive markets in staffing and recruiting industry - infographic
Via AkkenCloud

As you can see from the infographic, over the long term, temporary staffing has been on a steady upward climb, with very few downward blips. If you lead an industry that relies in large part on temporary workers, this growth and consistent need may be of constant concern for you.

Then there are different ways of talking about employment growth or decline in various industries. Take greatest growth: In an interesting industry twist, the employment services industry is actually one of the leaders in this segment. The top two on the list? Health care and social assistance, and professional and business services. Different sectors are forecast to change in different rates over the next decade, which may determine in large part how quickly you want to or are able to change your employment structure.

Sectors with fast employment growth and those with fastest growing occupations may also play a part in any difficulties and successes that you have in fulfilling your staffing needs. Many of the same industries show growth trends across multiple metrics, while some—such as employment staffing—slip in and out based on growth forecasts.

All in all these statistics and future predictions are a great way to think about, plan for, and predict what you can do in your own specific business.

Now over to you: What do you think of the trends in the staffing and recruiting markets? How will you and your business respond to those? Please share with us!

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