Top 10 Countries for Business

Top 10 Countries for Business

Are you planning to startup in a country other than your home country? Or, are you planning to expand to overseas market and still looking for the best country to set up your first branch?  Either case, you are reading the right post, because here you’ll find top countries for your business, according to Forbes.

This Forbes video features a list of ten best countries for business.  The list is far from subjective because Forbes grades 144 countries on 11 factors: Property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, freedom, red tape, investor protection and stock market performance.

Without further adieu, let’s begin the countdown:

#10. United Kingdom

London UK

My favorite country outside my home country! I was living in the UK for two years, and I completely fall in love with the landscape, people, and fish ‘n chips 🙂

Business-wise, there are some reasons why the UK deserves to be in the Top 10 list: Advanced agriculture and strong banking, insurance and business services makes the UK a great place to setup an office or start a business.

#9. The Netherlands

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

My 2nd favorite country after the UK, The Netherlands feature high trade surplus, stable industrial relation, and moderate unemployment. If your business is related to food processing, chemicals, petroleum refining and electrical machinery, then The Netherlands is the go-to country for you.

#8. Singapore

Marina Barrage, Singapore

When it comes to asset protection and safety net, Singapore is my best bet due to its stellar business and financial sector, as well as its friendliness toward foreign investments.  It’s focusing heavily on exports, which can aid your business in finding new markets outside Singapore.

Most importantly, Singapore is a major example of how free-market economy should work.

#7. Canada

Vancouver, Canada

I was interested in becoming an expat in Canada but quickly turned off by the potentially colder weather than I expected.  It’s probably not the best decision that I’ve made because Canada is THE place for working, living and doing business.

To highlight, Canada’s petroleum sector is rapidly expanding, as it ranks third in the world when it comes to proved oil reserves.

#6. Finland

Helsinki, Finland
photo credit: Riku Kettunen / Flickr

“Quality of life” is what coming from my mind when Finland is mentioned.  Even better, it’s economically formidable, with exports account for a third of GDP.

Finland is known for its excellence in mobile phone technology, as well as the promotion of startups in the ICT, gaming, cleantech and biotech.

So, if your startup deals with tech, it’s a great country to establish your headquarters.

#5. Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

An acquaintance of mine is from Sweden, and from his story, the country is advanced in business services and startup culture.  Focusing on foreign trade, Sweden is rich in resources – timber, hydropower, and iron ore – to name a few.

#4. Ireland

Killarney, Ireland

Want to start an offshore company? Ireland is the go-to place.  It’s a trade-dependent economy that adopts the free market policy.  The country’s low corporate tax (12.5% annually) and loose tax residency make it an ideal jurisdiction for your HQ or business investment.

#3. Norway

Oslo, Norway

Yet another Scandinavian country in the Top 10 list – for some good reasons, too: Thriving private sector, extensive social safety net, and large public sector make it a great place to live, work and do business.  Blessed with rich resources – petroleum, hydropower, fishes, forest, and minerals – Norway is the heaven on earth for entrepreneurs.

#2. New Zealand

Auckland, NZ

A country that is on my bucket list.  The landscapes that make Lord of the Ring possible are the jewels for outdoor lovers.  Not only that, NZ’s free-market economy is very appealing to entrepreneurs and investors.

What makes NZ enviable is the fact that the Government launches programs that are focused on export markets expansion, capital markets development and productivity growth booster.

#1. Denmark

Nyhavn harbour, Copenhagen, Denmark

Fanfare, please – because here’s the country that tops the list, Denmark.

Denmark’s advanced and modern market economy boast high-tech agriculture sector, established firms in pharmaceuticals, maritime shipping, and renewable energy.  It’s actively trading with other countries, and there is no reason for Denmark to strangle foreign investments – something that encourage startups and entrepreneurship gigs.

So, there you go – 10 best countries for establishing your business.  Those countries are well-deserved to be the world’s best.

If you’re fancy watching, here’s the Forbes’ video, that’s the source for this post:

Now over to you – which country is your most favorite from the list? Or, are there any other countries that you think should be on the Top 10 list?  Please share with us your recommendations!

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