Billionaire Jack Ma Advises You on How to Find Opportunities and Turn Them into Successful Business Ventures

Billionaire Jack Ma Advises You on How to Find Opportunities and Turn Them into Successful Business Ventures

If you are in biz/tech space and heard a name, Jack Ma, mentioned, I can imagine that the first thing pops up in your mind is, “Chinese billionaire,” “Alibaba multi-billion-dollar IPO”, “lucky man”, and so on. And you are not wrong. Jack Ma is a billionaire that he is right now, because he saw an opportunity – called the Internet – back in 1994, and take on the challenge to go up against the world, when people around him said that he’s crazy and won’t make it.

Sounds typical? You bet. But that’s the way it is. Success is all about doing things that many don’t want to do (inspired by billionaire John Paul DeJoria’s quote): Saying “onward” when people say “stop being so ridiculous”; pursuing things that you believe when people say “you’re crazy!”; keep moving forward when you say stop.

All in all, if you want success, you need to find opportunities and keep on doing what you’re believing in.

The big question is: How? How to find opportunities and keep on hustling until you find success?

Jack Ma is probably the go-to guy for answering those questions.

Here’s one gem from his many interviews: In a speech in South Korea, Jack Ma tells you how to find opportunities – something that’s practiced by successful business people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg – including himself.

Here’s the video:

So, to recap – the biggest success secret of all successful billionaires of today: Find opportunities in places where people complain.

Back in 1994, people in China wanted to sell things abroad, but there’s no help. Big companies can attend trade shows or expos abroad, but what about the average traders and small businesses? Jack Ma believes that the Internet can help them in doing so.

So, what’s the next step? Work with a group of people who share your vision, and do your part in making the society better: Helping others succeed and make the world better one step at a time. Those are the things that Jack Ma does.

What’s your takeaway?

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