Don’t Mess Around with Cybersecurity – Cyber-attacks are Very Costly! (Infographic)

Don’t Mess Around with Cybersecurity – Cyber-attacks are Very Costly! (Infographic)

It’s easy to take the perspective that cybersecurity issues won’t happen to you, but if you’re forced to face reality before you properly protected yours and others data, your business could be in for devastating losses.


Cybersecurity woes are very costly

You heard about the Target credit card data breach, but that’s not the only one. These data breaches cost money not only with crisis management, but also loss of trust. Customers shop elsewhere if they feel their credit card information is not safe with your company. This is something you can’t afford to happen with your business.

Sadly, not all business owners share the same concern.  “Ignorant is bliss” they say.  But unfortunately, you can’t adopt such principle when it comes to cybersecurity.  Why? It’s simple: If not doing it can practically put your business to an end, there’s no reason for you to ignore it.

When you are trying to build a great customer base, one of the most important aspects is the trust your customers feel for you company. They want to know their information is in the hands of someone who will protect it as if it was their own.

To give you an idea of the seriousness of the matter, Mozy created an infographic detailing some of the worst data breaches in the 21st century, including the first virus attached to an email and the data breach that included Target and Home Depot. Also included in the graphic are the five most expensive viruses that have attacked computers over the years. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Cybersecurity infographic by Mozy
Via Mozy

Surprisingly, 35% of businesses have been the victim of a data breach due to poor IT security. Don’t let that be you or your business. Mozy can help you with your cloud storage security needs for a business, enterprise, or your own personal use. To learn more, visit Mozy at their website:

Cover photo credit: Christophe Verdier / Flickr

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