Conference Wars: Video vs. Audio (Infographic)

Conference Wars: Video vs. Audio (Infographic)

With the upcoming Star Wars film coming out in December, Star Wars is everywhere; Star Wars Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes, toys, balloons, and any memorabilia you can think of. For Star Wars lovers both seasoned and new, it’s like heaven.

InFocus wanted to join the Star Wars lovers with a fun infographic playing off the characters from the famous films. If you have ever had to sit through a business conference call or two, you know as well as anyone that there are always a few people who just don’t get it.

There’s always that one person who needs everything repeated again and again. Why? Because they’re on their phone or computer doing something completely unrelated. There’s always a yeller. Someone who seems to think you can’t hear them at a normal decibel so they amp up their voice and instead, blow you out of the water.

See how InFocus related these and other types of conference call “destroyers” to the Star Wars universe below.

Conference Wars - InFocus infographic

InFocus explains that while audio conferencing is great, video conferencing does wonders to eliminate these characteristics. When a person can see you on the video, they tend to speak quieter, put their phones away, and arrive on time.

InFocus offers video conferencing solutions with their Mondopad that allows face-to-face connections in up to four locations, wireless share options, a whiteboard and the ability to present on the spot. To learn more about InFocus and video conferencing solutions, visit them at

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