Biz Peeps: Sitting Kills. Here’s an Exercise to Fix Things Out

Biz Peeps: Sitting Kills. Here’s an Exercise to Fix Things Out

Are you sitting right now? I think you are (well, at least most of you are!) I’m sitting right now, and when I work, I often glue myself to my chair. For hours. That’s why I often had problem with my lower back. Sitting can even kill.

One startup sees the gap of the market, and position themselves as the problem solver for the common health issues found in office-working and business-running, by providing everything you need to work and run your business healthier.

The Founders Gym is the business and human optimization program designed to make your life easier. Whether you are a busy person or a business owner you will be given the tools to live an efficient life with The Founders Gym. From equipment free workouts, yoga, nutrition classes, and life optimization hacks this is the one stop shop to start evolving your life.

With the program launching soon, The Founders Gym has created a tutorial for everyone who sits for an extended period of time. Sitting is a killer, and it does more damage to your body than you would ever think. Do you have a tight neck or some lower back issues? What if you could reverse these problems? The good news is you can with this guide. Resolve those nagging aches and pains and become more productive while working today.

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