6 Must-Read Blogs for Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs

6 Must-Read Blogs for Young Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Readers asked and we at BizEpic have heard your calls!

Without further ado, here are the top 6 blogs I personally recommend for young entrepreneurs (and their parents!)

1. Young Entrepreneur


This site is a branch of Entrepreneur’s online magazine site and contains all the latest need-to-know information young entrepreneurs need to know like how to start an online and offline business, how to prepare for a career in entrepreneurship while you’re in school, skills you’ll need to be successful, and tons more information. As you can imagine, Entrepreneur has a wealth of resources at their disposal, so here you can expect to find the most cutting-edge content needed for a life of success. If you’re just starting out, this place can help take you from business illiterate to someone armed with “most” of the information they’ll need to be a future success. Check out there recent Top Entrepreneurs of 2015 list.

2. Small Biz Trends


Small Biz Trends belongs at the top of any entrepreneur’s list of must-reads, regardless of what age you are. Why? They cultivate the latest trending information, news, tips, advice that’s geared toward small business owners and those aspiring to be small business owners. If you’ve ever heard of the sites owner, Anita Campbell, you’ll know she has spent her life working as an entrepreneur and that she she’s a person of influence in the U.S. small business scene. The site has hundreds of expert contributors who specialize in a number of areas of interest to young entrepreneurs.

3. Noobpreneur


You may well know that once “noobpreneur” himself, Ivan Widjaya owns several business-geared entrepreneur websites, including BizEpic. Noobpreneur is a huge force to be reckoned with online, and the content never disappoints. Content is delivered using a laid-back professional style that really resonates with millennials, twenty-somethings and even younger folks. Ivan delivers a mixed-bag of daily content including tips, startup advice, infotech, legal need-to-know, business profile posts, self improvement and original interviews with some of the most innovative entrepreneurs of our time like Robert Kiyosaki and others.

4. Think Entrepreneurship


Pete Sveen has a really nice niche type of business site geared toward startup online entrepreneurs with his site, Think Entrepreneurship. You won’t see this site at the top of many most recommended lists for business reading, and I honestly don’t know why. I call this a niche blog because everything is curated and, I presume from the writing style in each post, written by Pete himself. He’s a self-professed newbie entrepreneur who started this site in college to document his entrepreneurial journey. He offers similar content that you’ll find elsewhere such as productivity tips, motivation, news, wrapups, reviews and more. But the best stuff is his progress report blogs that detail his financial success online, including the emerging DIY brand that he’s quickly gaining massive traction with, DIY Pete (he has a .com blog and YouTube Vlog using these names). This is a great way to get away from everyday tips and see what goes on behind the scenes of an up-and-coming entrepreneur’s life.

5. Smart Passive Income


The title to this site screams “Make Money Online Scam” but it’s far from it. This is a really kitschy site that I love to stop into once in a while to see what’s new in owner Pat Flynn’s entrepreneurial journey. The site’s tagline is “Let’s See What Works” and the content never strays far from it. Pat’s mission is to find out what works and what doesn’t in online marketing, then deliver that message to you via his blog and even more popular podcast. This site is on-par with Think Entrepreneurship in that you get a bird’s eye view into the life and times of a real entrepreneur complete with tips, breaking industry news, interviews with heavy-hitters, and more. All that, and a pretty great personality (listen to his podcast). Check out his “Start Here” page if you’ve never earned a passive dollar in your life!

6. Quick Sprout


Neil Patel’s site, Quick Sprout is all about online marketing. Social media, email, content marketing, SEO — you name it and Quick Sprout has it. This site makes it to the top of every online marketer’s list because the content is really polished and informative. There’s nothing wishy-washy and he doesn’t sugar-coat the information offered either. Quick Sprout has some of the latest, informative and data-heavy case studies found online. It’s like an online marketer’s library, but complete marketing newbs might find some of the information hard to follow at first. Be prepared to knock down more than a few pop-ups though — a marketing blog without actual marketing at work just doesn’t cut it in Patel’s mind!


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