Charging your Smartphone with Sound – Possible?

Charging your Smartphone with Sound – Possible?

The future is today – well, sort of. At least in the gadget-charging tech. As you may have heard here and there, new charging technologies are popping up, aiming to makes things simpler for gadget owners to charge their smartphones, laptops, tablets and everything in between.

Mainly driven by the idea of charging a gadget wirelessly, tech companies are racing to launch the best novelty ideas of all – but not many are as innovative as this founder’s idea.

Meet Meredith Perry. She’s 26 years old, and she founded a company called UBeam. The company evolves around turning one idea into reality: Launching a charging device that allows you to charge your smartphone and other gadgets with sound wave.

Sound? Yes, you read that right.

Here’s the idea: Frictions between particles create energy. This includes sound. When a train passes by with its loud noise, the ‘loudness’ is created by the sound wave – containing particles bumping with each other (I hope my silly explanation works…) What about transforming those wave into energy using ultrasonic – ‘sound’ that you can’t hear (beyond your hearing limit)?

Here’s Meredith’s story:

Here’s the working prototype – it ain’t yet pretty, but it works:

Meredith and her team are perfecting the technology for years, and it’s getting close to fruition. Naysayers say it’s ridiculous, but one thing for sure, what’s mathematically possible means it can be made in real life – and investors are starting to buy into the idea to bring UBeam ultrasound wireless charger to the mass.

I think this innovative tech is brilliant. Turning it into a consumer product is even more brilliant. How about you? What do you think of the sound-powered wireless charger?

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