Greatest Benefits you Could Offer your Employees (But you Don’t!)

Greatest Benefits you Could Offer your Employees (But you Don’t!)

Finding and retaining great employees is one of the key aspects of any successful business. As an employer, looking after your staff breeds a positive culture among the rest of your workforce. It also means that staff are more likely to work harder and be loyal to the company.

If you show that you value and trust your employees, and create benefits that would suit them, your employees are more likely to work hard and stick with your company long-term.

Benefits for employees

Employee benefits should be your top priority because they can make your employees happy and benefit them in some way. Essentially, a happy employee is also more likely to be focused and work hard at their job.

A simple yet effective way of improving your employees’ happiness is by paying attention to their work-life balance. One of the proven ways is to make the break room as inviting and relaxing as possible, so that they can converse in a nice environment with comfortable seating and surroundings.

Recognising hard work and achievement can encourage your employees to continue to work hard as they want to show you that they appreciate the benefits you are offering them.

What are some of the best employee benefits?

Some of the best employee benefits include:

  • Healthcare. Healthcare benefits are an extremely popular additional employee benefit. It takes away the stress of paying for your own healthcare and is a great benefit for those with families to care for. Insurance on healthcare and dental treatment are very popular benefits for employees.
  • Events off-site. If employees are allowed access to fun activities out of the constraints of the office or work environment, it can be a great bonding process and provide the chance for everyone to have fun, relax together and become closer as a team.
  • Training. Providing your employees with access to further training free of charge can be a great benefit to both your employees and your company. They can bring new ideas to the table and will greatly appreciate any help with college or course costs.
  • Provide free food. This could be snacks throughout the day, free donuts each morning, or something once a week. It means that they won’t have to drive off-site to get food and makes them feel at home.
  • Eye care. While covering healthcare insurance is very beneficial, offering free eye care, especially to those working in front of a screen, can be a great benefit. Working with a computer can leave the eyes feeling strained, tired and sore and can lead to headaches if you don’t take regular breaks. You could also offer money towards laser eye surgery, such as at Lasik experts in Houston for your employees, so that they are not restricted to glasses or contact lenses.


Depending on your location, company and employees, it is important when deciding on benefits that they suit your employee’s needs. Benefits leave them feeling that they are recognized and appreciated as a good employee. It also shows that you trust them and their work ethic, leading to a better working environment and a strong, happy company that looks after their employees.

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