5 Personal Development Vlogs That Offer Real Value

5 Personal Development Vlogs That Offer Real Value

This list is just a personal opinion. These aren’t any sort of official rankings by any means. Just some great vloggers who can help you find a way to get where you want to go in life:

1. Elliott Hulse

Elliott is a boss in every sense of the word. The man has offered so much advice over his 3 or so different channels… it’s incredible when someone who’s made it in life isn’t afraid to share their struggles and the insights they’ve gained. He’s one of those million dollar vloggers who’s gained millions of subscribers. He talks about spirituality, exercise, entrepreneurship, offers motivation, girlfriend/boyfriend advice. There’s much to learn on this vlog. One thing I really like about this dude is how articulate and intelligent he is, without being an uppity type.

Elliott Hulse

2. Tai Lopez

Tai’s a no-holds-barred entrepreneur who’s mastered the ability to seek out the very best entrepreneurial minds on the planet and mentor under them. It’s made him a young millionaire and given him the chance to have an epicly large book collection of some the of best non-fiction books on the planet. If you get on his mailing list, he’ll send you book recommendation every day which cover every possible element needed for successful self-improvement and the eventual achievement of your dreams. He also interviews a lot of successful people, often while gunning it down the freeway in his Ferrari or Lambo!

Tai Lopez

3. Tim Ferriss

I can’t believe how much awesome content is offered on this channel for free. From teaching people techniques on speed reading, to offering entrepreneurship advice — even how to pick a lock! I just listened to an epic podcast he did with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Imagine the World’s Most Interesting man meeting someone who’s had an even more storied life than himself. Epic!

Tim Ferriss

4. Dave Asprey

Tim Ferriss is probably the best known biohacker on the planet. Guys like Dave Asprey owe a lot of their come-uppance to guys like him, but Dave Asprey’s no shirt tugger! He offers interviews on his blog with so many experts in various subsets of self improvement. It’s ridiculous! He takes strides to clarify points of confusion and isn’t afraid to call out his guests on points he doesn’t agree with. You gotta try bulletproof coffee if you haven’t already!

Dave Asprey

5. Actualized.org

I’d be lying if I said that Leo Gura isn’t a tiny bit “out there”. This vlog includes a lot of conceptualized psychology, mixed with actual science. He delves a lot into human psychology — how you can reprogram yourself and also use the inner workings of the human mind to identify better with your fellow man and woman. I’m sure his psychotic looking video thumbnails have scared at least a few people off who could have benefitted from his advice. Don’t be scared, he won’t bite!


Go on. Share your own favorite in the comments below.

Who knows? You might introduce someone to an online mentor who knows how to say things in an ever-so-special and insightful way, so they’re better able to harness the motivation and knowledge they need to succeed in this life.






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