5 Top Time and Money Saving Social Apps Every Business Can Use

5 Top Time and Money Saving Social Apps Every Business Can Use

Your social presence is your business in this day and age. Miss a beat and you’re losing customers and/or valuable cash.

Here’s 5 Great Apps Worth Adding to Your Mobile:


1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite makes it on every social app list these days. There’s good reason too. It really does almost anything a social power-user will need and then some. The free version is great if you have simple needs and only publish to 3 or less social channels. But the $10 a month Pro version is what will appeal to most entrepreneurs and business users. You can automate all your posts, shares and campaigns. It has a very robust tracking platform with all the info regarding your engagement and share status. It also has a customizable compliance engine to make sure you’re minding all your P’s and Q’s. Best, just when you think you’ve maxed out its capabilities, they have a massive list of free and paid extensions that integrate with their app to give you even more options for your social presence.

2. Edgar

This is an excellent app that I’ve had the opportunity to use several times (through a friend, it’s a bit pricey for my needs). You can organize all your current and past content into categories and set up a schedule to let Edgar reshare the content at set intervals. This is a really invaluable tool for getting the most bang-for-buck out of each content upload to your blog or vlog.

3. BuzzSumo

This is another indispensable app for content creators who want to stay on the cutting edge of what’s popular in their niche. You just plug in whatever topic and related search parameters of the type of content you’re looking for and BuzzSumo will search the social-sphere for you to find out what’s trending, then give you an easy-to-read list of the top trending content across all the top channels in order of popularity.

4. Narrow

Narrow is a Twitter-specific app that helps you to build a loyal, targeted following. Enter in your keywords or hashtag and Narrow will find actual users who’re talking about things relevant to your brand. Simply add them, send a thankyou message if they add you back, and start offering them incomparable value. Easy-breezy! This is much better than buying a bunch of followers to inflate your perceived popularity, then never have anyone engage with your brand.

5. SocialOomph

On the surface, this app may look like it’s just another automated scheduling/following tool for Twitter users. However, it adds a lot of extra value to any business. With awesome unique features like the “Twitter feed purger” that lets you delete all your past posts and clean up your account without the need to start over, one-click “inbox purging”, “@mentions Alerts” to your email inbox, “auto follow-back”, “new follower vetting program”, and plenty more. Great tool for businesses who take their Twitter accounts seriously.

Any Suggestions of Your Own?

Hey, let’s help each other out. If you have any apps that prove to be more functional, cheaper — prettier than those I’ve mentioned on the page: do leave a comment and let everyone know?


Main image by Don Harder

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