5 Side Jobs to up Your Hustle Game & Bank Roll!

5 Side Jobs to up Your Hustle Game & Bank Roll!

Hey, if you wanna make stacks like Jayz, you gotta hustle like he does!

Whichever money mogul you look up to doesn’t really matter. The fact of the matter is they’re always hustling, never resting. Doing something to improve their wealth 18 hours a day every day.

Here’s a few simple ideas for making some bank on the side:

1. Teaching

If you have a particular skill you can look for a local college that offers a course teaching what you know. Rent a classroom of your own or teach out of your home if you have the space to accommodate. Look for tutoring opportunities in the local classifieds or post ads telling people what you have to offer and how to get in touch. Design an online course and distribute it on Udemy like the guy in this podcast did. If you know how to do something that people want to learn, chances are you can make some stacks doin’ it!

2. Be a Task Rabbit

This is sort of new to most people, but you can make some decent cash offering your services as a task rabbit. The site TaskRabbit.com allows you to set your own hours, tell people what you’re good at and your per-hour fee. You can also peruse listings and bid on jobs, just like any other online job listing auctions (that’s what I call em, but I could be wrong about the terminology). You can also offer your services on Craiglist, Kijiji or in your local newspaper. People are busy and will pay you to do mundane or skill-based work that they cannot. Check out this guy’s experience.

3. Paint Houses and Stuff

Hey, I said this list was easy things, but I didn’t mean they’d all be glorious! Painting is big bucks and you can easily charge $50 – $100 a room in most houses. Painting porches, fences, garages, etc., can be charged out hourly or on a per-project basis. Once you get a couple of clients under your belt and start earning referrals, the money will start to roll in and you can consider hiring some starving students to work for minimum wage while you make the big bucks. Seriously, this might be one of the easiest businesses to start and you don’t have to be smart, just detail-oriented.

4. Help People Move Their Junk & Whatnot

Move their house, empty their garage junk and take it to the dump. Offer to take their scrap metal away (if they’re dumb enough to think they actually need to pay someone for this — otherwise offer to haul it to the junkyard for free and cash in on the payout). There’s good money to be made in moving services and like any profitable venture, it’s because nobody likes the work involved, making it a very sustainable way to make cash over and over again. There will never be a lack of customers if you do a little marketing in the classifieds.

5. Do People’s Taxes

Only a select few people like doing their taxes by themselves, many don’t trust themselves or tax software to go that route either. During tax season you can make a killing if you’re willing to work your buns off day and night finding clients (hopefully they can find you). Charge flat rates instead of taking a percentage of the return and watch your phone blow up. Charge $50 for the easy ones and $100 for the more complicated ones. Don’t fret it if you spend more time than your time’s worth on some; most returns are a breeze once you get the hang of it.

Leave a Comment and Tell Me Which’s Your Favorite

If you have any side jobs that can earn people some extra dough, don’t hesitate to let everyone know down below.



Main image by Steven Depolo

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