4 Responses You Need to be an Effective Conversationalist

4 Responses You Need to be an Effective Conversationalist

So often in business and life, conversations fizzle or become heated just because we don’t know how to effectively respond to the things people say to us.

The 4 simple magic phrases detailed in this video really are all you’ll ever need to be a savvy and informed communicator:

Can it be this simple?


“That’s interesting….

  1. Tell me more.”
  2. Why would you say that?”
  3. Why would you do that.”
  4. Why would you ask that”

I think this advice is pure gold. Not because it’s a revelation, most of us have used these and many other phrases thousands of times in our life. The advice is golden because you can literally respond to anything — a question, remark, insult, request — anything, using “That’s interesting” and its appropriate finish.

Best, if you’re shy or lack good conversation skills, the 4 phrases will also allow you to keep a conversation going without much mental effort while keeping the other person engaged in the conversation and feeling like you are too.

Any phrases you like to use that have far-reaching applications in multiple conversation scenarios? Share them down below…


Main image by Sharon Mollerus


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