Never Pay for Internet Access Again by Using This Device

Never Pay for Internet Access Again by Using This Device

I never thought something like this would ever be allowed to see the light of day. But the Lantern Data Receiving device has already been created and is currently gathering funding for mass production of the device and to release dedicated satellites into space to help make the device cheaper for future users to purchase.

Here’s some information that’s listed on their Indiegogo campaign which is still running:

1. Outernet continuously broadcasts data from space. Most of what we broadcast is decided by you. The rest is either part of our Core Archive (critical content, like educational material or disaster updates) or Sponsored Content. In every case, we tell you how the content got there. If it’s sponsored, we tell you who paid for it.

2. Lantern connects to the satellite signal. A receiver, such as Lantern, can be bought from Outernet, or we’ll show you how to build one yourself. Lantern can receive numerous types of signals from various satellites and frequencies. Lantern can be plugged into a satellite dish to receive data at an even faster rate (200 MB/day and up).

3. Connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to Lantern. Lantern’s Wi-Fi hotspot allows anyone with a computer, tablet, or phone to interact with Lantern’s content. Everything can be viewed in a browser, just like the Internet, except this is an “offline” version.

Obviously the current bandwidth limitations mean you won’t be streaming YT vids with the device upon it’s release. Still, this is a major leap forward in technology and the freedom of information. If this device takes off, there’s no telling what the future will hold.




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