6 of the Best 4K Desktop Monitors Available This Spring

6 of the Best 4K Desktop Monitors Available This Spring

4K is the way to go folks! While there’s little difference between 1080p and 1440p; there is a HUGE difference when it comes to 4K!

I just bought the Samsung U28D590D 4K monitor a few days ago (budget-priced model) and I’m quite happy with it.


For those of you who aren’t “Pixel Geeks” like Waj, trust me the budget priced model from Samsung will be just fine for you. And you’ll love the change if you’re upping from 1080 or (gasp) 720! Provided you’re not a game designer or photog.

The viewing angles are quite superb actually, contrary to what Waj was saying.

I can’t comment on the other models as they were out of my price range (everything is at least $200 more here in Canada). Though I’ve heard great things about BenQ and their phenomenal pixelation and color reproduction. And OMG, a 40″ model would be great, but far too big for use as a desktop (in my opinion).

Here’s the list (as always, this isn’t an affiliate-type post, so I’ve left out any links):

  • Samsung U28D590D
  • ASUS PB287Q
  • BenQ BL3201PH
  • Dell 27″ P2715Q
  • LG 34UM95
  • LG 40″ 40UB8000





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