Automated Car Parking in Abu Dhabi’s New Airport: Just Tap the App!

Automated Car Parking in Abu Dhabi’s New Airport: Just Tap the App!

Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE), is the place for fancy stuffs: The Ferrari World, the Etihad Towers, and so on. No wonder: It’s the richest city in the world and the home of major financial institutions and numerous multinational corporations.

Due to the openness for investments and innovations, Abu Dhabi is also THE place for tech adoption. Let’s take Abu Dhabi’s new airport.

The airport itself is pretty epic. But what’s even more epic is the car parking: It’s fully automated, and commands are given via an app.

Arriving at the airport, you will only need to park in a port, and let the robots take care of it: Find empty spaces in the garage, and bring your car to that spot.

Need to wash your car? Just use the app, tap the button, and it’s washed automatically.

And when you need to go, just tap on a button, and your car is readily parked in the initial port.

Epic. Simply epic. Check it out:

This makes me want to visit Abu Dhabi airport just for getting my car parked and play around with the app – and the robots.

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